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Quick 15-30 Minute Workout With Christopher McDonald


Join @teamchrismcdonald in this 15-30 minute, equipment-free workout that he uses to train for professional beach volleyball, cycling, and bobsledding. Here's a 15-30 minute workout that you can do at home with next to no equipment. It's something that will fulfill your needs and get you moving.

Today's workout will teach you what Chris did to prepare for volleyball season and his career in professional athletics, with an emphasis on properly warming your body up for movement. 


Dynamic Stretching

Knees to chest

Quad to torso

Hip glute to chest

Walking lunges with hands overhead

Hip and hamstrings


Warm Up

Butt kickers

Leg kick toe touches

Swinging hip open



Cross jacks

Knee tucks/Squat jumps

Squat rotations

Single leg step-ups

Perfect squat

Chair tricep dips

Push ups

Cross leg crunches

Low leg ab raises

Russian twists


Christopher started his fitness journey in 2008, when he fell in love with beach volleyball and wanted to pursue it as a profession. From there, he decided to ramp up his fitness and not only perform like an athlete, but look like one as well. 

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