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Our Top 5 Episodes of the Joe Rogan Podcast: Part 2

Our Top 5 Episodes of the Joe Rogan Podcast: Part 2

Team NeuroGum -

In 2016, we released a list of Our Top Five Episodes of the Joe Rogan Podcast. Now, we're back with a list of our top 5 (more recent) Rogan episodes recommended by a member of our very own Neuro team. 

Check out some of our new favorite episodes below:

JRE #1480 Kevin Hart - Comedian, Actor and Producer

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with Kevin Hart, but his work ethic and determination is undeniable. He’s also entertaining as hell and does a great impression of Dave Chapelle, which will make this episode worth listening to.

His intensity is extremely contagious as he dives into his journey to recovery with a fractured spine and shares how his priorities immediately shifted when he realized that he was married to his job and dating his family.

Kevin explains how his go-getter attitude is based on his game-like view of life and how he’s constantly challenging himself to open new levels and adopt new mindsets. He says that the grind comes from a balance of discipline and enthusiasm, and you can really grasp that feeling in everything he does.

In the episode, Joe and Hart discuss the greatness of Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson and even chat about an epic dinner among comedic greatness. The show ends with a clip of Eddie Murphy slamming Bill Cosby while accepting his Mark Twain trophy in hopes that he’s going to make a comeback and obviously a plug to Kevin Hart’s new audiobook: The Decision. I haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s on my list!

JRE #1368 Edward Snowden - An American Whistleblower AKA President of Secrets

If you’ve watched the movie Snowden, you’ve heard about how the protagonist leaked classified information from the NSA while he was working for the CIA. But that’s just a glimpse of what went on, and this episode goes into more of what happened.

In this episode, Snowden goes through his story in depth with minimal interruptions, and it’s great to hear about his journey and how he came to his position at such a young age.

His perspective and insight on 9/11 as an 18 year old kid is eye opening. Snowden shares how he went on to go undercover as a diplomat in Geneva as part of the CIA, was part of the NSA in Tokyo and back to the CIA with higher ups at Dell. 

If you’re a fan of hearing about corrupt intelligence communities and lack of privacy, then run it!

JRE #1227 Mike Tyson - Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion

The boxer who bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear might ring a bell or maybe the crazy guy with tigers and a face tat in The Hangover, but he’s much more than just these epic highlights!

I’ve never been let down by an article or interview on Mike Tyson. His story always gets more bizarre and yet increasingly impressive.

He doesn’t mention his pet pigeons or much of his childhood story in this podcast episode, but dabbles on his early exposure to drugs and alcohol. I was surprisingly shocked to find out that Joe Rogan has never tried cocaine and Mike Tyson has never had a cup of coffee.

He has never ending stories that seem short of a movie script, but if you want to hear about how he gave one of his Bentleys to a cop to get out of a crash or how he ordered his tigers from prison, then this is the episode to jump on.

JRE #1213 Dr. Andrew Weil -  An American doctor who advocates for alternative medicine

Dr. Weil is a fountain of wisdom when it comes to this subject of natural healing. He also isn’t a snooze sesh if you’re interested in this stuff. 

Dr. Weil is fascinated with the body’s ability to heal itself and says that medicine should start right there and that’s the only way out of the healthcare crisis. He also discusses the many health benefits of matcha including cancer fighting antioxidants and the calming alertness effect of L-Theanine, which is naturally found in green and black tea leaves.

Weil and Rogan dive into the bullshit trend of detoxing and colonics and reveal the true power of the liver. It was crazy to hear how counteractive medications could be and how they intensify depression, become highly addictive and mess with your mind. Don’t sleep on this episode if you’re into integrative health and wellness!

JRE #946 Dennis McKenna - Ethnopharmacologist AKA Mr. Psychedelics

My grandpa has been wanting to do Ayahuasca for ages and if it’s his dying wish, I need to give it to him, right? I’ve now dove into the deep end of psychedelics because I need to know everything before I let my old man wild out in a forest with a shaman.

If you have a few hours to spare and are in the mood to listen to some far out theories that may make sense, then this is the episode for you. What if we learned that psychedelics were the answer to addictive behaviors, bridged the gap between us and nature, and is the answer to helping us love ourselves, each other, and make us better human beings.

In this episode, Rogan and McKenna discuss ayahuasca, DMT, and how psychedelics open the mind. They’re some wild concepts, but you’re onto something Dennis McKenna and I’m here for it! 



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