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35 Minute Barre Inspired Home Workout with Kiara Burns

35 Minute Barre Inspired Home Workout with Kiara Burns

Team NeuroGum -

 This 35 Minute Barre Inspired Full Body Sculpt workout requires no equipment - just your body, some space, and water! Follow along on in the video or scroll down for an overview.


Warm Up

Shoulder Rolls

Lunge Stretch

Straight Arm Plank / Alternating Lunges / Shoulder Taps

Mountain Climbers

Downward Dog


Squat Series

Squat with Arm Reach
Squat Pulse
Squat Oblique Twist

Squat Hold

Alternating Side Lunge
Passe Position with Right Leg Extended Back, Foot Flexed

Curl your heel in and out
Tiny bend-stretch
Leg out and in
Hold it center, point your toes

Pulse Squat Jumps

Repeat on other side
Roll up through center

Jumping Squats


Jumping Jacks
Diamond Kicks
Jump Rope
Alternating Heel Kicks
Low Squat with Slow Pulse


Thigh Sprints

Releve Up and Down / Pulse
Tuck Side to Side
Grande Plie Down and Up
Oblique Dips with Releve on Either Side

Wide Stance Pulse



Four Point Kneel
Kneeling Straight Leg Lifts
Knee Presses
Heel Curls
Attitude position (3⁄4 bend) in right leg
Hold your leg up, pulse with the option to extend your leg straight

Repeat on the other side

Push Up/Plank Series 

Push up, one twist open into a side plank alternating sides Forearm plank, legs tight together
Alternate bending your knees

Press back in your heels Puppy Stretch


Inner Thigh Series

Laying Side Leg Pulse
Seated Torso Twist

Repeat on other side



Slow Crunch
Ankle Side Taps

Toe Taps

Laying Leg Lifts

Lifted Flutter Kicks


End Stretch

Knee Hug

Let knees fall to the side while letting your upper body fall the opposite way.
Repeat on other side.

Lay on back, extend right leg up, flex and point your foot

Straight Leg Lift

Repeat on other side

Knee Hug, Rock Back and Forth

Seated Wide Side Stretch

Seated Wide Center Stretch


Kiara Burns is a Los Angeles based fitness professional and trainer who teaches fitness classes at Platefit, a vibration studio where all workouts are done on a power plate.

She’s also a Certified Personal Trainer who posts workouts and more on her Instagram @kiara_burns_.


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