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The NeuroBlog

Fear Is The Mind Killer

January 09, 2017

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Fear is the killer. The neat fences that box in play-it-safers are trapping the minds of brilliant individuals and emerging voices that are stifled and rooted in belief systems that are crippling their individual existence along with the lives of individuals that long for their greatness.

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The Science of Confidence

January 02, 2017


We often come across people who seem to be able to interact and hold themselves in every situation without breaking a sweat. Public speakers, actors, sales people all seem to share the same trait in common, confidence. It is rather interesting to study the differences in personality of how some people are simply able to blend and handle any situation they are thrust in.

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Your Art Matters

November 30, 2016

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Your excuses have got to go. They’re safe. They’re a way for you to wrap your jaded sense of self in a warm blanket of cognitive dissonance. You can continue to justify whatever mumbo gumbo that you feel is holding you back by spitting out excuse after excuse. Or, you can learn from it, get to the steaming hot, rotten core of the opportunity (not problem), and change the way that you approach your art.
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What is

September 01, 2016

gif Blog1 image was purchased by Amazon for $970,000,000 in 2014. That's nearly a billion dollars, if you aren't into interpreting zeroes. Odds are if you aren't a gamer, you don't really know why. If you find yourself in that camp, stick around. I'm going to give you several reasons why you should be interested in what Twitch is, even if you never play video games and you never intend to.

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