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The ingredients in NeuroGum™'s nootropic caffeine + L-theanine and brain-boosting B-vitamin blend have been scientifically shown to enhance focus and cognition, all while giving you a fresh breath of energy without the jitters or crash. On top of that, we never use sugar or aspartame. So whether you’re kickstarting your day, studying for an exam, or preparing for a date, there’s always something to chew on.

"NeuroGum is the latest caffeine innovation." - TIME

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Your Art Matters

November 30, 2016

Your excuses have got to go. They’re safe. They’re a way for you to wrap your jaded sense of self in a warm blanket of cognitive dissonance. You can continue to justify whatever mumbo gumbo that you feel is holding you back by spitting out excuse after excuse. Or, you can learn from it, get to the steaming hot, rotten core of the opportunity (not problem), and change the way that you approach your art.
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What is

September 01, 2016 was purchased by Amazon for $970,000,000 in 2014. That's nearly a billion dollars, if you aren't into interpreting zeroes. Odds are if you aren't a gamer, you don't really know why. If you find yourself in that camp, stick around. I'm going to give you several reasons why you should be interested in what Twitch is, even if you never play video games and you never intend to.

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5 Fun Video Games That Can Help You Lose Weight

August 22, 2016

I've traded stocks in Grand Theft Auto, farmed vegetables in Harvest Moon, and herded cattle in Red Dead Redemption. In real life these are chores at best.

But what is a chore in real life becomes incredibly satisfying on the timeline of a video game, where visible results are immediate and encouraging. This is how fitness games work. They're great motivators for when your body isn't sending you the rapid results you are hoping for.

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A Primer on Functional Strength

August 16, 2016

We never simply lift with our biceps, and then lift our backs to stand straight up, and then push up with our legs to lift a box, in stilted, separate motions, as we might if we tried to isolate muscle groups in our daily actions.

Functional Fitness or Functional Strength addresses this disparity by using full body exercises rather than exercises that focus on one muscle group.

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