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How often do you let fear win?

How frequently do you dim your own light?

How often do you dwell in pity?

How quickly do you build walls? And how slowly do you tear them down?

I am a student attending The School of Life. Always. Above are questions that I frequently ask myself when I choose to take the time to check in with my well being. Time has slowed down and the workings of my mind are more visible to me as a choice. I have tuned into a realm of the mind in which visual compartments appear as choices, and I all I have to do is choose. I perceive that when individuals seek to dig deep, there is a locus of pain and distinct rhythm that emerges and morphs into a celebration of the mental images and their reverberations. That is okay. That is where you heal. That is who you are at your core. That is where the individual within yourself breaks on through to the other side.

But, not only is it important to connect deeply and most importantly with yourself; it is important to choose to connect with other human beings who can deliberately aid in personal accession. If you are interested in embodying your highest self, you must not neglect the importance and brilliance laced within connecting with human beings of all walks of life.   

Can you sit down with scholars and stand up with thugs?

Can you mingle with artists and chitchat eyeball to eyeball with human beings making dough selling street drugs?

Can you push aside your pride and align with your inner guide?

Can you bend and stretch through perspectives, harsh realities and thought-provoking dimensions?

Can you transcend beyond outmoded egomaniacal questions and foster gratitude for every life lesson?

If so, fantastic; you are ahead of the game of life and acknowledge that each individual embodying the human form has something unique and special to offer. Sounds cheesy and typical, eh? Ask the man on the corner what life experiences have led him to the position that he is in….guarantee that through interaction, you will either learn something about the other or more than likely, yourself.


In life, you must choose your soul tribe and friends wisely. Candidly uniting with a group of human beings that you enjoy sharing your life with encourages vulnerable space to express and share all of our uniqueness while shining bright within the overlooked gifts that flow effortlessly and at times come naturally. I have recently encountered a transformational inner experience through acknowledging and accepting that I possess the inner tools to inspire other human beings to strengthen and express their inner powers to create a life of purpose, beauty, wonder, creativity, flow and unlimited abundance. For the first time in my life, I feel genuinely supported within each next level of my expression and am learning to surrender and trust that the guidance, support and love that is reflected back to me through sharing my ingenious talents and gifts is real. I am supported through challenges and opportunities, and am celebrated and lifted to a heightened state of awareness which awakens further large-scale inner possibilities. I am deeply grateful to have gathered with human beings whose sheer presence emits sparks of stars who I believe in without a single doubt and a mini tribe of soul and heart centered visionaries within a love-fueled community. I challenge the soul’s that I love to find meaning and stay aligned with their purpose through all of life transitions while freeing themselves from old, stationary limitations. I have attracted a vibrant tribe through acting upon my niche full of crystal clarity and participating in life-shifting, energizing choices that fuel both my own and the other human being’s soul spark. Meaningful connections are important. I have grown my tribe and embraced the life-force energy of earnest community which further awakens the one’s I love to stand in their worth unwaveringly. I am loyal in confidence, character and raw authentic communication. I guide the human being’s I choose to surround myself with by sharing my honest opinion’s and accept the human being as who they are without conditions. It is indeed a choice to allow and create opportunities to share with one another, enjoy each other’s peculiar way of life, and sincerely be there for each other. It’s a choice to support and make our interpersonal relations a priority. Choose your energy.

 You occupy a tiny place in this world. And that is one of the most empowering revelations that you will ever encounter. As you learn to broaden your mental horizons and acknowledge that there is more to life and your surroundings than what is spinning through your medulla, you will not only step out of yourself through interaction with others, you will subconsciously step deeper within yourself. Shake up your routine and branch out of psychological and emotional quarantine. There is a bewitching sense of freedom that comes from beholding a foreign scene. Jolt out of slumber and rejoin the land of the living. Abandon the ego and make time for your worthy and wise amigos.


This post was originally written by Jessica Golich, a Freelance Writer based out of Brooklyn, New York. Jessica has an insatiable curiosity for the world and candidly expresses herself through writing about the thoughts and experiences that shape her life.


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