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I Don't Believe in New Years Resolutions

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Well, it’s the end of January. It’s time to check in with your New Year’s resolutions, right? Millions of individuals who respond to life on traditional autopilot make pacts and set personal goals on the spot when the urgent almighty New Year’s siren call suddenly rings a bell out of the blue. Individuals waste years of their life screening each and every angle of the inevitable and storm into the ring with fists of fire ready to chop the deadwood and conquer internal battles they have shunned asid se and harped about all year-long when the annual universal days of self-reflection spark an inspirational flame. It’s no sweat to get intoxicated five nights a week for 51 weeks and brush-off facing the reality of your life. Therefore, millions of individuals follow sheep among the flock and decide to slow down to ruminate for one whole week prior to the new year to generate meritorious resolutions and curate Hallmark greeting cards in the form of social media statuses based on their boastfulness and pride. Need someone to tie your shoes as well?

Let me guess; along with nearly 80% of the human population, creeping dissatisfaction sporadically entered your world on December 28th at 11:11pm. The power of the universe aligned with the dream world that you are living in and a rainbow unicorn appeared to add a dash of glitter to your halo. Shimmering fairy wings wondrously grew from your back. You decorated your Facebook wall with a full house of dramatic, starry-eyed intentions. Your eyes cried a plea of pity as you changed your iPhone ringtone to “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly and relished in the sudden bolt of round-the-clock willpower that has been injected into your fresh, fiery blood. Chin up, chest out, shoulders back, stomach in; “failure” is not an option. This year, you mean business. Three more days to linger behind the excitement of introducing the new “you” to the world. And as the clock strikes 11:59pm on December 31st, you morphed into the drunken jackass with an almighty announcement frantically searching for their party cowbells and kazoos. High and mighty, you shamelessly stood up on a table full of empty glasses and last year’s vices to proclaim your New Year’s Resolution to a crowd full of inebriated fools on bar stools. Over the next few hours, you felt like King Tut walking around clinking glasses full of craft beer and spreading enthusiastic cheer. You stumbled home, threw your bedroom door wide open, sent out a mass “I Love You” text to everyone in your phone book and fell face forward onto your bed of lies. You woke up to an aching stomach and a plethora of hangover brunch invites “tempting” you to ring in the New Year with “just one more” Bloody Mary before you buy out the Nike store (just do it) in hopes to fulfill your quest to shed excess baggage around your midsection. You gave in. You quit. In a war between you and your gut, you sucked that Bloody Mary down before you shared your food/drink caloric intake with a phone application collecting your personal data and using artificial intelligence to make a judgement call on your progress. Feeling like a pile of dirt? Sucks to be you.

New Year, same you. Unless you had an overnight run-in with the DeLorean time machine and flux capacitor which took you on a psychedelic trip back to 1967, you have not transformed into an individual who is suddenly free of their so-called vices overnight whether you believe it or not. I am not one to dog the footsteps of arbitrary imbeciles setting “rules” and masquerading as leaders. Why wait until January 1st to make a change? How truly passionate are you about the change that you delayed? If you wholeheartedly desired a change in your life, you would cut the idealistic bullshit, acknowledge that you always have a personal choice, and take the necessary actions toward making that change happen. Right now. Start today. Shining a light on the behavioral, environmental, or personal modifications that require sacrifice and consistency on your end solely on the brink of the New Year entirely compromises your mental stability and delays your personal progress. Some day is not a day. You do not need a ritual group pledge to invoke motivation within you and your ivory tower of complacency. If you are persistent, you will get there. If you beyond doubt believed in what you desire, then you can and you will. Pay the price. Make a way. Stick to it. Commit yourself. Do not ask for or wait for permission. Act accordingly. Period. Wisely take matters of your own existence into your own hands prior to the day in which you simply flip the calendar from December to January.

Individuals prescribe themselves with limits through setting artificial and vigorously intended resolutions. Existing through a mindset that is solely focused on one theme (resolution) unconsciously hammers in the acceptance of walking on eggshells through a limited existence. Quit trying to preserve the wind and reclaim your aliveness. If you “fail”, it does not matter. There is no such thing as perfection. Do not discredit the unfoldment. Fear and stagnation are the thieves of the reality you desire to live. Live bold, experience life outside of your comfort zone and bloom. Start right now. And most importantly, do it for you.

This post was originally written by Jessica Golich, a Freelance Writer based out of Brooklyn, New York. Jessica has an insatiable curiosity for the world and candidly expresses herself through writing about the thoughts and experiences that shape her life.


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