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6 Reasons Why You Need Green Tea in Your Life

6 Reasons Why You Need Green Tea in Your Life

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The color green implies natural, healthy, and also calm. It’s why green is the firm favorite for natural health company braenernding… and mental hospital cell walls (so I’ve heard). There is definitely something about green that makes a person feel safe, and green products are among the most popular on the market, if the booming wellness industry is anything to go by.

Green tea as a wonder product is not news; still, its impressive range of benefits (both anecdotal and scientifically proven) could not yet be classed as common knowledge. It’s probably another of those products that you’ve heard is good for you, but you can’t quite remember why. Let me enlighten you. 

Green tea is processed differently to black tea; i.e. it is less processed and not allowed to ferment, so it can retain its health-inducing flavonoid antioxidants, its polyphenols and its high number of catechins (antibacterial and antiviral agents). Green tea is a nootropic, meaning that it can enhance your mental functions, leading to better attention, alertness and memory.  As I mentioned, some of the benefits are anecdotal but there is scientific data to back up many of green tea’s benefits.

Green tea is old news… 

China (and Asia in general) has been in on the green tea secret for thousands of years. Asia knows well that green tea is a kitchen cupboard staple; it’s not just a refreshing drink, but a medicine in its own right. Green tea contains a unique amino acid, L-theanine. L-theanine positively impacts some of the health conditions mentioned below, but also increases your state of mental alertness significantly.

In Asia it’s accepted that green tea has anti-cancer properties, which is no small thing. It is considered to be an effective cure for hypertension (high blood pressure), a preventative measure against diabetes, and an aid to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s sufferers. But that’s not all:

  1. Green tea boosts your metabolism and burns fat

Green tea has acquired a veritable reputation among aspiring fat burners. This is down to the polyphenols, which promote a higher metabolic rate and the oxidization of that pesky excess fat. Because green tea can also regulate glucose levels, your blood sugar is less likely to rise after you’ve eaten, meaning less insulin spikes and ultimately less diabetes!


 This is not an excuse to let the devil on your shoulder win… step away from the Krispy Kreme if you want green tea to stand a chance at proving itself. Althletes (who wouldn’t dream of a Krispy Kreme-fest) apparently appreciate a spot of green tea too; they love it for its regenerative qualities, as well as its ability to rehydrate. Green tea boosts physical performance as well as mental performance. 

Everyday Habits that Drain Your Energy

  1. Green tea prevents heart problems

Green tea has a reputation for preventing heart disease, due to its ability to both relax and strengthen your blood vessels; so in the event that your blood pressure spikes, they can handle that pressure. It also works to keep your blood pressure low, and it is said that green tea can prevent blood clots from forming. What’s more, green tea lowers bad cholesterol in your blood, while boosting good cholesterol levels.

I doubt you’d argue that it’s not wise to mess around with your heart in any sense. In short, green tea is your ally; it wards off an early visit from the Grim Reaper.

  1. Green tea prevents chronic diseases

A carcinogen is a cancer-causing agent; something you’ll want to steer well clear of. Green tea has been shown to destroy cancer cells while causing no damage to surrounding tissues; it is said to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer in particular. There is also evidence to suggest that green tea makes cancer drugs more effective.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s may be held at bay thanks to green tea’s ability to restore brain cells that are passed their use-by date. No mean feat! It also fortifies the healthy brain cells, making them less likely to succumb to disease or death.

  1. Green tea boosts your mental health

If you’re planning to avoid those green cell walls, green tea is your friend. It can literally regulate your brain function. This is down to the L-theanine content, which blocks the binding of L-glutamic acid to glutamate receptors in the brain. This reduces your stress response and (as demonstrated in EEG test study results) increases activity within the alpha frequency band, meaning you’ll feel both alert and relaxed at the same time. The alpha state is associated with improved faculties, such as attention span.

This is why green tea’s buzz has a reputation as being less ‘manic’ than coffee’s can be for some; coffee lacks the L-theanine. Essentially, green tea prevents anxiety by relaxing you – it feels like a tranquilizer. It might be time to bin the Valium and stick the kettle on! 

Embrace Simplicity

  1. Green tea is great for your skin and teeth

The catechins in green tea kill bacteria and viruses, so green tea can be considered an immune-booster. It’s also anti-inflammatory, which is a mega benefit in itself. As it washes over your teeth and down your throat, it puts paid to any insidious invaders waiting to assault your immune system. Instances of tooth decay, colds and flu are said to be less amongst regular green tea drinkers.

Thanks to its antioxidant content, this green wonder drink is considered to be anti-aging. It’s a worthy addition to your armory if you’ve embarked on that inevitable war on wrinkles. Another thing that will win green tea your vote is its capacity to negate the effects of sun damage. You need to smear it on your skin for this to work, but time it well… rubbing tea bags on your face in the office may not be the smartest social move.

  1. Green tea isn’t only present in a tea bag

As with any other drink, guzzling green tea all day long could get boring, or time consuming. Fortunately there are other ways to get the benefits of green tea - even better, you can get the benefits of other nootropic substances like caffeine while you’re at it. The combination of the L-theanine and caffeine is thought to improve cognitive performance substantially; you get the caffeine’s ‘alert’ and the L-theanine’s ‘calm’… win-win. In case you didn’t know it, chewing a nootropic energy caffeine gum made from natural ingredients is a quick-fix way to get your perfectly-measured L-theanine and caffeine buzz.


So to sum it all up: green tea is an anti-cancerous, immunity-boosting, anti-ageing, anti-depressant, fat-burning, heart-protecting, nootropic wonder product… and you can get all that in a tiny piece of gum.

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