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5 Confidence Hacks

5 Confidence Hacks

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Improving your confidence will help you become more successful at work, in love, and in life. Once you’re more successful, your confidence will grow. Simple, right?

The truth is that rising above your insecurities is one of the enerhardest things you can do, and people from all walks of life struggle with self-confidence. But there are tricks that can help you get a grip on this problem. Here are five basic things you can do to feel more confident in any situation.

  1. You’ve Already Got a Style, So Own It

You’ve probably heard that you should dress for success.

This is definitely a good idea! A sharp outfit and a quality haircut can make a world of difference. If you use makeup, the routine of putting it on can make you feel ready to face any challenge.

But there are limitations to this approach. Sometimes, low confidence can manifest in the feeling that people don’t see the real you, and that everything you’ve achieved so far was an accident or a ruse [1]. The way you dress can actually make this feeling worse.

A good approach to this problem is to make sure your outfit shows your individuality. A strict dress code can make this challenging, but you can always find a way to visually express who you are.

Your style means more than clothes. You shouldn’t try to suppress every trace of your interests, your personal taste and your values. The more you show the world of yourself, the better you’ll feel about who you are.

  1. Improve Your Body Language

The way you move can make you seem confident, and more importantly it will make you feel better too.

Have you ever tried striking a power pose? This method was popularized by researcher Amy Cuddy [2] in 2012, and it’s still widely used in academia and the business world.

All you need to do is to spend a few minutes standing with your legs spread out and your arms on your hips. Power poses are so effective that they’re frequently in used as a visual shorthand in comics or movies. This is why both Superman and Wonder Woman stand the way they do.

You can’t spend the whole day with your hands on your hips, but there are more subtle things you can use to improve your confidence.

Don’t be afraid to take up space. Keep your chin up. Try wide, expressive gestures. It’s a good idea to cut back on fidgeting, but you shouldn’t hesitate to talk with your hands.

The best part about body language is that you can improve it with practice. You can take a few minutes each morning and experiment in front of your mirror. Soon, the way you move will express confidence without having to think about it.

  1. Filter Your Social Circle

There are people who can tear you down over time.

Avoid anyone who questions your choices down to the smallest detail. Keep away from those who criticize you about inconsequential things.

Even good-natured jokes can add up and make you feel like you’re not good enough. But a lot of the time, those jokes come from a place of jealousy and negativity. Once you cut the small insults out of your life, confidence will come to you.

Pessimism can be contagious, so try to avoid people who are prone to catastrophizing. Obviously, you can sympathize with your friend’s or coworker’s lack of confidence, but you don’t have to passively accept a glum view of your situation.

Instead, you can uplift yourself if you spend time with optimists. People with a healthy sense of humor can be a great help too, since they can help you realize that the stakes aren’t as high as they seem.

Cut back on trying to please everyone. Conflicting demands are exhausting, and you’re guaranteed to disappoint somebody. Setting up boundaries isn’t easy, but it’s going to help in the long run.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you deserve to celebrate your successes with people who care about you. Look for people who’ll feel genuinely thrilled by your achievements.

  1. Keep Your Energy levels High

You’ll feel more confident if you’re operating on maximum capacity.

This means making sure you’re rested. Your brain is simply way more alert when it isn’t sleep-deprived. Don’t take too long getting up in the morning, since insecurities can catch up with you if you lie around thinking about everything you need to do.

Exercise can give you a boost as well. Not only will it make your brain feel sharper, but it can improve your hormone levels. Sometimes, confidence can come down to chemistry.

Try to keep taking regular breaks – go offline, go take a walk, maybe grab a cup of coffee or take a cold shower. The less frazzled you are, the easier it will be to approach any problem or high-pressure situation.

  1. Be Cool and the World Will Follow

It’s important to keep in mind that your conversation partners take cues from the way that you address them. So be as casual as possible, keep the tone positive, and show that you expect mutual respect.

Even if you’re nervous and eager to impress the person you are talking to, try to stay relaxed. Keeping up eye contact is a good idea. A joke or two can help break the ice, but don’t force the issue.

Remember: your worth as a person is independent from anyone else. People in authority cannot take it away from you. Rejections or setbacks can’t diminish it. The person you are talking to is just a person, and they’ll probably be happiest if you treat them naturally.

A Final Thought

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your confidence won’t be either. It’s a gradual process, and you can expect to backslide now and then. But if you stay patient with yourself, difficult social situations will become easier and easier. Your work will become more effective, and you’ll find the courage to look for new and creative solutions.

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