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You Can Manage Your Emotions Through These Effective Ways

You Can Manage Your Emotions Through These Effective Ways

Kent Yoshimura -

Emotions are both a blessing and a curse. One moment, we feel as if we are about to burst, whether it is from happiness, sadness, or even anger. However, there are also times when we feel numb despite doing everything to feel something. Either way, there is this overwhelming feeling looming around.

Emotions make us human, but there are times when they are too much to handle. With that, it is essential to know how to manage your emotions.

Emotional regulation is the ability to control one’s emotions.

Though, this does not equate to emotional suppression as it helps us further understand ourselves and our emotions. It is important to know how to manage our emotions because they can affect different aspects of our lives, such as our decision-making, relationships, and work.

Different instances can provoke our emotions, whether it is positive or negative. Thus, a lack of emotional control can lead to problems in the future, especially in negative scenarios.

An example of this is when work suddenly feels overwhelming. Because of too much work, there is this irritating feeling that you just want things done, and you do not care if the job is done right or not. In the long run, not only does it affect your work, but also your relationship with your co-workers. 

In order to avoid any issues, here are some tips to help you better your emotional control. 

Have self-awareness

Being aware of your emotions is on the top of the list. Even though it is natural to feel intense emotions, you should still be aware of how they can affect different aspects of your life. Take a step back and assess them. If you react a certain way, how will it affect you and those surrounding you?

According to Berkeley Well-being Institute, self-awareness is often seen as an effective strategy but unnecessary to the process. They added that whether you are aware or not, you can still regulate your emotions but not in the most effective way. 

Identify your triggers

Some instances cause your emotions to spike up. You should keep track of these scenarios in order to better understand how your emotions work. 

BetterUp states that negative emotions come as naturally as positive ones, and they should not be avoided or feared. However, you should not put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Rather, look for patterns. Once you have identified these triggers, you can assess why it affects you and how they should be lessened. 


Meditation and breathing exercises are also great ways to regulate your emotions as they have multiple benefits. Not only do they reduce stress levels, but they also sharpen your self-awareness. In addition, mediation also improves emotional health.

Talk it out

Handling your emotions on your own can be difficult. Sometimes, you just need a listening ear. Never be afraid to seek someone out like a family, friend, or even your significant other. You can also seek professional help from a therapist.

However, there is this stigma among those who reach out to therapists for help. This is due to misconceptions regarding mental health. Despite this issue, seeking professional help is something that you should not be ashamed of.

Express yourself

Expressing yourself is another way to manage your emotions, whether it is crying your eyes out or transferring that pent-up energy into art. Let yourself feel what you feel. However, you should also always consider your surroundings. Expressing yourself might not apply to some instances. 

You can also try to keep track of your emotions through journaling. Create an emotion tracker and design it how you see fit. Really, there is no right or wrong when it comes to creating a journal.

Take a break

Your body and mind need some time off too. Learn when you need to take a break, whether it is just lounging at your house or enjoying your favorite series. Try distracting yourself enough by doing anything you like.

While you distract yourself from feeling intense emotions, make sure you resolve that matter soon. It is just that you needed some space to think things through instead of making rash decisions.


Lastly, accept. These emotions are part of you. They make you human. Always remember that acceptance is not sudden. You go through different steps. You experience challenges. But one thing is for sure, you will get where you want to be. So, accept yourself and your emotion even in little steps. 

It is important to note that some strategies for emotional regulation might not work for some people. It is best to test and pick those strategies you feel in tune with. After all, it is you who will benefit from it the most.

It is also vital to recognize that some common emotional regulation strategies are unhealthier than most people think. Substance use, retail therapy (yes, you read that right), and avoidance are some strategies you should avoid. They might bring joy or relief in the beginning, but detrimental in the long run.


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