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Top Reasons to Incorporate Nootropic Gum Into Your Busy Modern Life

Top Reasons to Incorporate Nootropic Gum Into Your Busy Modern Life

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Brains beat out brawn in today’s highly technological world and being mentally fit is now every bit as important as being physically fit. With this important trend have emerged many substances that can reputedly boost the brain and facilitate learning. These substances have been called nootropics and are increasing in variety and form every day.

One of the latest innovations from the nootropic industry offers all the same brain boosting ingredients found in other products in chewing gum form for added convenience. But what can we really expect from the latest product on the brain boosting market? This article will illustrate some of the advantages nootropic gum can have for your busy modern lifestyle.

Nootropic Gum

Neuro gum

Nootropic Gum is the most recent product on the brain booting market with many promises of improving lifestyles and benefitting the modern human. This radical new brain supplement is rapidly changing the definition most of us have for a brain supplement.

Many of these nootropic gums contain a special blend of ingredients that produce mentally stimulating effects. Caffeine, L-theanine and essential vitamins are among the most common ingredients of a nootropic gum and what provides the brain boosting benefits.

An increase in concentration, improved alertness and memory retention as well as overall cognition are just some of the benefits associated with this latest form of Nootropic. But is it truly possible to boost brain power and improve work and energy levels with just a chewing gum?

Let’s begin with a look at some common ingredients in Nootropic Gum

Caffeine — It’s unlikely you’ve never tried caffeine. It’s everywhere! You see it in coffee, chocolate, teas, sodas and the accursed energy drink. Consumption of caffeine is not harmful and even highly beneficial in its natural form. It even has the capacity to prevent the onset of certain types of cancer.

Of course that’s not what most of us are thinking when we stumble out of bed and rush to the percolator for a cup of courage. Caffeine is also a stimulant that allows us to think and act with determination, clarity and resolve.

L-theanine — The lesser known stimulant found in green tea. Green tea has been favored above coffee by many workers who prefer the gentle alertness and no jitters this softer stimulant can provide. Green teas have been prescribed as a treatment for anxiety, Alzheimer’s and even high blood pressure. L-theanine also has a molecular structure very similar to Glutamate, which improves neural impulses in the brain.

The Best Ratios and Ingredients

In many nootropic gums, the qualities of caffeine and L-theanine come together to create a gestalt. L-theanine has been found to interact with caffeine in a special way. Have you ever noticed that after a few cups of coffee, sitting down and working is actually harder? L-theanine works to counter this tendency to switch attention and helps to ignore distractions.

The perfect ratio between these two important ingredients is ideal for staying stimulated for longer than an ordinary coffee can stimulate and avoiding the jitters and distractions of too much caffeine. L-theanine also has calming and stress-relieving properties that make work and focus all the more enjoyable.

Mode of Consumption

There is also a specific advantage to chewing these stimulants rather than drinking them. When chewing on a nootropic gum, the stimulants are assimilated. This type of absorption can assimilate five times the amount of nutrients than can be absorbed through ingestion.

When you drink a coffee or tea, the stimulants will react with stomach juices which degrade their effective compounds. Chewing a nootropic gum gives the full effect for much longer.

Top Three Reasons Nootropic Gum should be Incorporated into Your Busy Life

It may sound futuristic but the reports are in and there are some specific benefits to improving cognitive function and the simple capacity to work longer and smarter with this latest invention. Following are the top three reasons nootropic gum could be your biggest ally in a busy life:

№1 — Nootropic Gum Will Help You Learn And Remember Facts

The special blend of ingredients in just the right quantities have been designed to enhance cognitive function. Brain performance is under constant threat from the many free radicals that impede the flow of information and signals through the brain. This adversely affects neural operation and transmission which can make it tough to concentrate.

But a top-notch nootropic gum has the qualities to reverse this effect. By reducing the effects of toxins in the brain cognitive function is restored and this allows you to retain important information and boosts short term memory. This is essential to creativity and the capacity to assimilate information.

№2 — Nootropic Gum Can Help Boost Focus And Concentration

Chewing gum, in itself, has been a great benefit to concentration and overall alertness. This has been found true with long distance truck drivers, baseball players and even soldiers on the battlefield. How much better if this chewing gum was specifically designed to improve concentration?

“Who wants their hair done by a slob?”

There is not always time to rest from work and regain a sharpness of mind that allows work to flow continuously. But this sharpness can be replenished with the right brain boosting supplement. This is often found in an energy drink, cup of joe or other stimulant. But chewing nootropic gum has specific benefits that these potions don’t have.

№3 — The Competitive Edge

Technology has taken a center stage in this day and age. The capacity to learn and retain information, lots of information, is the deciding factor be career that is growing and prospering and one that is slowly falling behind, there is no stand still.

With a proper nootropic, you will gain the capacity to process information and produce innovative solutions to the tasks you face with the speed of business. Sometimes it all comes down to that split second decision and the ability to think on your feet. This is where nootropic gum can mean the difference between nailing a precise answer and standing there wondering what the question was.

In Closing

Technology moves in a single direction: forward. It is impossible to think that at any time in the future the power of the brain will be in less demand than it is now. With this in mind, it is essential for the modern human to stay at the top of their game and make use of these supplements to stay miles ahead of the competition.

Nootropic gum provides a convenient and natural way to maintain an active mind and a sharp edge over the competition.


Hi! We’re Team Neuro, aficionados of all things brain-related, from creativity to working out. With backgrounds in art, science, and athletics, we love delving into all the potentials of the human body.

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I have found this gum to be a life saver. Normally mid-day I start to go down hill; however I really right in the middle of meeting with clients and even a yawn is not what I can do with clients. So in starting to use this gum; it’s like all the brain fog goes away and I’m back on track. However, I haven’t chewed gum since I was a kyd; and I have found a need to apparently take lessons as I have bitten my cheek and worse yet my tongue at times. Not sure how to fix that though. Guess practice makes perfect.

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