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Energy Drinks or Nootropics — Which is Better for Your Health?

Energy Drinks or Nootropics — Which is Better for Your Health?

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Feeling low on power is a common occurrence in today’s fast paced and technologically advanced societies. Many people make it through half a work day before they feel exhausted and need some sort of infusion of power.

Two of the most popular sources of extra “GO” power are energy drinks and nootropics. Both of these effective pick-me-ups have the capacity to provide that essential boost and can even keep the mind and body sustained for hours at a time.

This advantage has not gone unnoticed and now everyone engaging in competitive and professional activity is consuming these brain boosting products on a regular basis. The capacity to beat mental fatigue and press on to victory is just too good to pass up. But what are the long term effects?

In both energy drinks and nootropics there are specially designed ingredients, both natural and synthetic, used to achieve improved mental function. But as the following article will prove, there can be some serious health conditions associated with the regular consumption of energy drinks. 

Those looking for a way to push on through a few more hours of study would serve their health better to consider a healthier energy boost. Nootropics are the healthier alternative. Side effects associated with nootropics are few and considerably milder than those associated with long term energy drink consumption.   

Following is an insight into both boosters and some reasons you should think “nootropics” if you feel like your thought process could use some acceleration.

Energy Drinks and What They Do

Energy drinks contain various components that work to make the consumer more alert and present in the activities at hand. Caffeine is the most common ingredient used for keeping the brain alert and awake. Many drinks also include taurine that enhances neurological function and the VIT B group that enhances other bodily functions.

Benefits of the The Energy Drink:

  • Energy Booster - The carefully selected ingredients have been found to sharpen the alertness and provide the energy needed to push through that last hour and meet deadlines on time.
  • Convenience Choice - Where teas and coffees take a few minutes to prepare perfectly right, the energy drink is always right and always just an armslength away. This adds to the dangers of this energy booster.

The Dangers of Energy Drinks

  • Excess Weight - Due to the high levels of sugar inside energy drinks these babies are full of calories. Without sufficient exercise prolonged consumption can lead to obesity. It is always best to treat energy drinks as a last resort when you must reach an important deadline on time rather than part of your daily food groups.
    • Heart Problems - Studies have found that regular consumption of energy drinks can lead to cardiovascular trouble early in life. This can include high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats (arrhythmia) or even heart failure.
    • Psychological Impediment - The occasional energy drink is a great boost to bodily function, but too much can actually impede your capacity to think and operate. Long time users have reported experiencing irritability, nervousness, and anxiety often associated with feeling wired from too much caffeine.
      • Metabolic Issues - An energy drink contains so many additives, nutrients and sugars that it can send your body into overdrive trying to metabolize. The body can release a stress hormone designed to cope with this large task and over time this can cause metabolic issues and even more serious complications.
        • Dependence - When used often energy drinks can be more addictive than coffee. It is quite common to for people to develop withdrawal symptoms when trying to break the habit.

        Nootropics and Brain Power

        Nootropics are reputed to have a positive effect on the way the brain and the mind operate by improving the function of the brain’s neurotransmitters, enzymes and hormones.  There are many different ingredients in nootropics many have been tested and many more are being developed each day. Many of these are natural and have no significant side effects but still caution is advised.

        Advantages of Nootropics:

        • Improved Concentration - Racetams are one common ingredient in nootropics with the capacity to improve concentration. This is an important first step before improving your memory skill. This is most effective in students and workers who are trying to stay alert after hours of mental work. Not only can you increase brain function but also motivation and clarity of thought. 
        • Memory Enhancement - Nootropics in their extensive variety are also designed to improve memory retention and recollection by facilitating cell growth and improving the connections between neurons. Some also work to repair damaged neurons. Lion’s mane mushroom extracts are especially good for improving long term memory. 
        • Anti-Aging Benefits - Nootropics have been used in both young and old patients to improve brain function. However, medical science has found that nootropics have also been found to reverse specific signs of aging and even eliminate stress which can have a seriously negative impact on the brain. Improved brain function has been known to stunt the visible signs of aging, by calming and soothing the nerves in the brain nootropics can effectively slow the aging process.
        • Improved Mood - Negative moods have been found to be one of the biggest obstacles to our capacity to process and access information. Sulbutiamine is one such nootropic that has been given high marks for its capacity to improve the mood and surpass such ailments as anxiety, depression and stress that can seriously hamper clear thinking.

          Health Concerns from Nootropics

          • Dependence - As with any performance enhancer, and yes nootropics are performance enhancers, too much good can be bad. While taking the occasional boost does not seem to have any adverse health effects, it is quite possible to develop a tolerance for their effects after over use.
          • Physiological Upset - Over consumption of some ”natural” nootropics can have adverse affects to health but are mostly minor and pretty rare. St. John’s Wort is one such example, this herb can cause hyperactivity, diarrhea and even sleeplessness in large quantities.

          The Final Word

          As you can see, nootropics offer all the advantages of energy drinks without the life-threatening risks. While moderation is always the key to best practices, even consumed in excess, nootropics are mostly harmless and could only result in mild to moderate discomfort. 

          But to drink too many energy drinks is to take your life into your hands. The dangers are nothing less than obesity and the possibility of heart attack, which are considerably more serious than the risks associated with nootropics.

          Enough said; if you are going to be working, gaming or studying to the max and need the best booster for your committed activities, time to go nootropic!


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