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The Natural Healing Drug: Sensory Deprivation

The Natural Healing Drug: Sensory Deprivation

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Ever envision yourself encountering a trip through space and time that carries the ability to showcase your entire life, the universe and everything in between? No, I’m not speaking of the radical cooked up plant that an individual ingests deep in the rainforest; I’m speaking of an experience that’ll enrich your life and spark a unique vibrancy of aliveness. I’m speaking of an experience that is so revolutionary that your heartbeat morphs into the sound a modern-day symphony once the projector playing slides on the back of your mind subsides. I’m speaking of a zone of meditation and form of mystification that'll elevate your everyday vibration. I’m speaking of a laboratory designed to shed egoic walls and aid in breaking you free from the straightjacket of your perception. I’m speaking of a realm of silence and an environment loaded with magnesium-rich epsom salt enamoring your skin and keeping your human vehicle afloat. I’m speaking of a practice that has served to change nearly every aspect of my life in the most beneficial way...I’m speaking of sensory deprivation.

It is often that human beings spend their lives fleeing from the present moment, anxiously over-planning the future, reconciling the past and robbing themselves from the awareness that blooms behind the looking glass of our evolutionary prized everyday inattention. Part of what restricts us remaining present and actively observing are the psychological expectations that perpetually restrict and deter an individual from the ever-fleeting moment. Through the development of a fascination for silence and how the human spirit transforms through enormous emptiness, I began to use my own life as a laboratory to test the ideas spinning through my idiosyncratic mind. As I began fumbling with the chemicals stored in psychological beakers and mixing them around to discover what would indeed implode and what would morph into alchemical gold, I began to seek a new frontier and the ideal recipes and measurements for tranquility. After thorough research and the waxing and waning of identity, I was led toward my first floatation therapy experience years ago that indeed led me further within than I was initially seeking. Emerging with fresh eyes mesmerized by the previously unseen fascinations of the familiar, I was instantly hooked. Being able to feel energy flowing up and down my spine in the midst of floating, I become more in tune with my body as I take my next breath and connect to a deeper sense of oneness with my essential nature. As you begin to subconsciously press the off button on your mind, you float into a place in the tank where there is no space and time; you are abundantly alive.


The great truth is spoken in silence, and rather than living as the wood, I began living my life as though I am the fire. As I kiss the earth with my feet, I release the past and free the now while constantly stirred to elevation stemming from the practice of sensory deprivation. The cure is not within big-pharma pharmaceuticals, the cure is within consciousness, and through conscious exploration within the tank, the vision of the step has matched the placement of the foot; I master the fire within and have learned how to rule my world.

If you are a seeking a practice that will send you deep within to a state of awareness beyond the mind, watch and reveal the presence of the divine within your first flotation experience.


This post was originally written by Jessica Golich, a Freelance Writer based out of Brooklyn, New York. Jessica has an insatiable curiosity for the world and candidly expresses herself through writing about the thoughts and experiences that shape her life.


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