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Five Fitness Tips to Keep Your Body Energetic

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Wouldn't it be great to feel energetic throughout the day, not just while you’re running, cycling, or training? High-energy food like almonds, bananas, or dried fruits, and high-quality supplements can keep you alert. But there are a couple of other things you can do to give yourself an energy boost without going to the gym or spending any money.

These are all scientifically-proven methods that help you snap out of your lethargy and give your body the energy boost it deserves. More than that, they are calming, relaxing and can sharpen your mind. You can do them at home, at work, or in between, and they won't take more than a couple of minutes. 

Walk For 10 Minutes

Even a short walk can energize you for 2 hours, according to a study in the journal Personality and Social Psychology. When you walk, you wake up the biggest muscle groups in your body and feed them a fresh supply of oxygen. The big leg muscles are put into action, and your heart starts pumping blood faster. 

Walking feels great and you can do it anywhere. If you're at home, you can go for a quick stroll around the neighborhood. If you're at work, you can go get some fresh air outside, or at least walk briskly to the cafeteria and back again without any detours. If you can walk instead of driving or commuting, you should do it.

Walking is a great body energizer because you can do it just about anywhere. Walk for 10 minutes before warming up for your training sessions and you'll have more energy for all those reps. Just try it and you’ll see just how much better you’ll feel.

Stretch Out

You probably know already that stretching is great for the body after training. But there's a special stretching technique that you can use before working out and throughout the day that works wonders. It stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, boosting the energy for both your body and your mind. And it's so simple that you can do it anywhere, without any special preparation.

All you have to do is stand in a doorway with your feet comfortably apart. With your hands reach to the sides of the frame. Grab it on both sides and push your chest forward slowly, feeling the great stretch in your torso.

Keep that up for 30 seconds. If you have to make a bit of an effort to do that the first time, do it.

You can repeat this simple exercise a couple of times a day. It's so easy you can teach your kids to do it.

Tap Your Thymus

The thymus is an important organ of the lymphatic system. It’s where lymphocytes that sustain your body's immune system mature. It's located under the collar bone and between the breasts. When you tap your thymus, you trigger the production of new immune cells and boost up vitality, strength, and energy. All you have to do is touch the center top of your chest with your fingertips for about 20 seconds. Breathe in and out slowly and clear your mind of worries.

A variation of this exercise is to form a V with your forefinger and thumb and rub it in the area of the thymus for 20 seconds or more, all the while breathing peacefully. This variant can also improve your concentration.

Stand Up 

You're probably sitting as you read this. When you sit, your blood vessels constrict, depleting your energy and making you feel tired. The research on sitting is quite alarming - people who sit for more than 4 hours every day tend to die prematurely. We'll probably see more research into this in the future, but one thing is clear - you don't want to sit for too long.

Ideally, you want to stand-up and walk a bit. But if you can't do that, you should at least stand-up. Go to the nearest window if you have one nearby and enjoy the view. Or head over to the nearest painting or decoration on the wall. The simple act of standing up every half hour or hour can give your body a small but valuable energy boost. Many of your muscles will oppose the pull of gravity, and your blood vessels will dilate. The result will be an almost instant feeling of revitalization.

More than that, your brain will also receive a small boost - your productivity will go up.

Breathe Deeply

We can go through the day without even being aware of our breathing. Our brain breathes mechanically for us to keep our body oxygenated, but we don't pay any mind to our breathing - we just take it for granted. But one of the best energizers is to breathe in and out deeply.

Begin by sitting - or even better, standing up straight. Breathe in slowly and deeply and then hold your breath for 3 seconds, tensing all your muscles. After the 3 seconds are up, exhale slowly, allowing all your muscles to relax. Repeat this breathing exercise several times to maximize the effect. After the last repetition, keep your attention on your breathing, allowing it to settle into a slow, rhythmic breathing. It all takes five minutes and you'll just feel great after. 

The Bottom Line

Choose one of the five exercises above and focus on it. Remind yourself to do it every day. After a time, it will become a habit, and you can then implement another exercise in the same way. For a really nice energy boost, you can combine these exercises. For example, it's really easy to combine standing up with tapping your thymus and with breathing deeply, in any order you choose. 

In the end, remember that your energy levels can be influenced by the food you eat and any supplements you take. Make health-conscious choices and combine that with regular training and the exercises above and you may reach and maintain unprecedented levels of energy throughout the day.



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