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The Anatomy of A Good Vision Board

The Anatomy of A Good Vision Board

Sarah De Borja -

When we were young, we were told to dream as big as we could and to be whoever and whatever we aspire to be. Then, growing up, you realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds

But, it is achievable. 

You just have to decide what you want in life…and I know, you’re reading this because you can’t decide. A lot of people get stuck in this initial stage since a huge part of this is decision-making. And believe it or not, most struggle in creating even the smallest decisions especially during these challenging times.

It is very crucial to know what you want to attain and have a clear picture in mind. Basically, this is what is known as a vision board. It helps build a panorama of your future and fuel you to carve your every step towards achieving it. 

They hold an immense power to make you act on your dreams and turn them into reality. According to Psychology Today, mental imagery, such as visualization, does work as it heavily impacts the brain to improve perception, attention, planning, memory, and soon, motor control.  

So, what are the makings of a great vision board?

Powerful and concise words

An ideal vision board contains concrete and powerful words. These words or phrases must speak to you in order to urge you to do something about your goals. Previous studies have shown the power of words as an effective practice in goal-setting. People who do affirmations are proven to transform their mindset positively.

It is also important to choose the right words and phrases to use for manifestation. In this way, you will have a stronger hook on what you want, causing it to stick better in your mind. You have to be clear to identify what you want to achieve. Details matter a lot.

Vivid and attractive images

Speaking of details, your vision board should include vivid and attractive images that properly represent your goals. Same as with words, the images must concisely exhibit what you aspire to have or to be in the future. They must also be vibrant enough to catch your attention, that you can’t possibly miss them even just for a single day. 

Your brain will stamp these images on your memory. Think of it as establishments on the roads. Once you get used to them, they will give you a good recall of where you want to be in life. These images can also portray your inspirations in life. These can be photos of people that inspire you to be the best version of yourself: ranging from Steve Jobs to Angelina Jolie to your mom. Adding them into your vision board can always push you to your limit and have a purpose. 

Symbols or representations 

These can be logos of brands that inspire you or symbols that resonate with you. Putting symbols as representations can also add a personalized touch as their interpretations vary per individual. A single sign can mean a thing to you and another to other people. In a way, this will differentiate your already customized vision board. 

Good amount of flexibility

A great vision board also allows you to have an ample room for improvement and changes. It must be flexible enough to accommodate some alterations that you might want to make upon your dreams.

Along the way, you will realize that some of your dreams will evolve. You must be open to make necessary adjustments and variations—huge or small—to reach where you want to be and what you want to be.

Right location

Lastly, a vision board must have the perfect location. It should be placed somewhere noticeable and within your sight every day. The key is to consistently look at it. Your vision board will serve as an inspiration for you to keep moving and striving.

Although, regardless of ticking all these boxes, vision boards do not magically come to life. It takes days, months, and for others, years. It takes hard work and dedication. It takes guts to turn them into actuality. 

If you come to think of it, dreams do really come true—if you make them your goals.


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