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Experience Your Best Sleep Yet With These 4 Tips

Experience Your Best Sleep Yet With These 4 Tips

Sarah De Borja -

Do you ever wish you could go back to your good ol’ childhood days when you were literally forced and begged by your parents to sleep? Sad reality check but…those days are. Now that you’re an adult, it’s the other way around. In between your busy schedule of both work and leisure, you are the one begging yourself for a quick power nap.

But it’s not just a nap that you fancy; it’s a much-deserved six to eight-hour sleep that you want so badly. Agree? 

However, you should maximize every hour of rest you can get through making sure that you get quality sleep each time—and it’s possible. Here are some fool-proof tips on how you can get the best sleep there is every time: 

Create a routine and stick to it

Routines help build a culture of good habits to replace the bad ones. If you really are longing to get the best sleep there is, it is vital for you to make a schedule and religiously follow it. 

For starters, you can sleep and wake up at a constant time. Discipline yourself to set a strict sleeping time and not fall into the Netflix trap. Set up a wake up time as well. This will not only enhance your sleeping pattern, but it will also help in terms of your productivity. If you can, try waking up early, while not sacrificing the quality of your sleep. After all, that is one of the habits of highly effective and successful people. Who knows? You can be the more rested version of Steve Jobs since sleep in itself is actually a natural energy booster. 

In order to acquire the whole sleep experience, you can create your own ritual before and after sleeping. Whether you take a bath before or do meditation after, it will all be really up to you. Each person’s preference is different from another so you may personalize as much as you want. You know yourself better than anyone else. 

Arrange the ultimate bedroom atmosphere

Curating a ritual also includes the prepping of the room itself. To be able to upgrade your sleep, every element must come together. The temperature, lighting, sound, and even the smell of your bedroom contribute to a quality snooze.

You must ensure that all your senses are at ease to be able to have a peaceful sleep. Ideally, you would want a dim, quiet, and cool place to sleep at. You can adjust the amount of light that enters your room, play calming music, use essential oil diffusers, or turn on the air conditioning unit as you please. All these little things pile up to give you the comfort and solace you long for. 

Invest on your nest

A huge factor in terms of designing a great sleep are the beddings. Notice how you always sleep like a baby at the hotels? It’s because they got the comfiest beds to give you your deepest sleep that makes you want to extend your stay. Therefore, you have to find a high-grade mattress to start with. The bed quality does affect your sleep. And a backache is definitely not an indication of a restful one. 

To accompany that premiere mattress are the finest pillows, linens, and blankets too. Even the feel of the material used for your beddings can make a huge difference on your sleep. Come on, who wouldn’t want silk to be the last thing touching their skin before dozing off?

Clear your mind in the evening 

To fully reach that optimum sleep you’re craving for, you must free your mind of anything that might keep you awake and delay your sleep. Try not to think of anything stressful as this may trigger your brain to continuously function right before dozing off.  

You may include relaxation techniques in your routine to destress. For instance you can drink tea before going to bed to calm your mind. The amino acid L-theanine in teas can help improve relaxation and clarity of mind. You may also take in supplements that have such ingredients to optimize your sleep and also relieve daytime anxieties. 

These suggestions are only a few steps you can try in order to achieve a top-tier sleep. Remember, sleeping can be a luxury as much as it is a need, so don’t deprive yourself of one. 


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