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Live Less Ordinary

Live Less Ordinary

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Live Less Ordinary

Live a life less ordinary.
Live a life extraordinary with me.
Live a life less sanitary.
Live a life evolutionary with me.

Carbon Leaf, “Life Less Ordinary”, 2004

Take a moment to consider your life as it is right now. What would you change about it? What’s stopping you from changing it?

If you’re mostly happy but feel there’s something missing, you may need to rethink some important things. If your life feels drab and exhausting, it’s in your power to reinvent it. Sometimes, a small push is all it takes to make massive changes for the better.

How To Take the Plunge

But there are some obstacles you’re going to run into. Some are external, and some come from your own fears and doubts. Here are the top reasons people cling to an ordinary life even when it’s not making them happy:

  1. My Situation’s Not Ideal But at Least I’m Used to It

There are many reasons we fear the unknown [1]. But in order to function well in society, and to develop as individuals, we have to find ways to grow past that fear.

First, you need to realize that the safety your routine offers is temporary. People lose their “steady” jobs every day. Sudden health problems or other personal issues can rewrite your entire life from one day to the next.

So start looking beyond that routine. Make backup plans and think about your personal strength and perseverance. If you never change your circumstances, how can you really know yourself?

You don’t have to go from a predictable life to constant risk-taking. Being careful can be extremely useful to you on your journey. But you can apply it to new challenges and start a slow transformation into someone extraordinary.

  1. I’m Not Sure Where to Start

If all you know is that you need some kind of change, you might need to spend some time looking for things that will make you happy.

Many people start with doing some good in the world. Even if it’s not a complete break from your current life, volunteering is a great way to start changing things.

Find a cause you care about and then do what you can to support it. Not only will it make you feel better about yourself, it can bring you some great new opportunities. Helping others is a good way to discover new skills and deepen your understanding of the world.

What Makes Someone a Nice Person?

Traveling can be another good approach. It will help you move out of your comfort zone and it may also give you new goals.

You can also look around and ask whether there is something you can do to improve the lives of your friends and neighbors. This is a less long-standing commitment than volunteering, but it can be just as rewarding.

  1. I’ve Already Achieved My Dreams (and I’m Still Not Happy)

We tend to assume that everyone gets to have exactly one purpose in life. You are expected to figure things out very young and then work toward realizing your childhood dream.

But many people simply don’t work like that. We change over time. We broaden our horizons and develop new passions.

So don’t let your old ambitions dictate your future. Perhaps they were right for you at the time, but they shouldn’t prevent you from evolving. Remember that you are a story in progress.

  1. If I Go Against the Norm, People Will Disapprove

This is definitely true.

Our society prizes conformity. You are expected to behave in certain ways and follow a bunch of unspoken rules. In many cases, the role society assigns you is based on external qualities that have nothing to do with your real potential.

All you can do about this is to accept that changing your life means that some people will disapprove of your choices. Once you stop trying to please the world, your way forward is going to be much clearer. But this doesn’t mean you need to isolate yourself.

Even if you do end up burning a bridge or two, there will be plenty of people who will support you and enjoy your new direction. Maybe you just haven’t met them yet. Living a life less ordinary will let you meet extraordinary people who will enrich your life in ways you can’t imagine.

  1. Changing Things Is Exhausting

Again, this is absolutely true. If you’re already worn down by being unhappy and bored with your everyday life, it can be extremely difficult to find the energy to make changes.

So how can you do it anyway?

  • Take Care of Your Body

 Improve your diet and your sleeping patterns. Exercise in order to increase your motivation levels as well as your self-esteem.If you’ve got any medical problems you’ve been neglecting, this is the perfect time to seek out treatment.

  • Leave Your Bad Habits Behind

Boredom creates a perfect environment for bad habits to take root. But once you’ve made your life more meaningful, you won’t need these habits to keep you entertained. Rethink the way you spend your day, and cut out the time-wasters and the distractions.

  • Keep the Ultimate Goal in Mind

When things get tough, you should think about the adventures waiting up ahead. Focusing on the big picture is crucial if you want to make lasting changes.

  • ... But Appreciate the Small Victories Too

Accept that changing your life is a process, and don’t get discouraged if it takes longer than expected. Any step you take toward your goal is worthy of celebration. You should also make sure to surround yourself with people who will celebrate along with you.

A Final Word

You don’t have to change your personality before you let yourself experience new adventures. If you’re anxious and doubtful about the process of turning your life around, own your feelings. But don’t let them control your choices.

Your extraordinary life may involve a new job, a new hobby, a new community of people. It could bring you prestige or a chance to quietly change things you believe need changing. You may end up traveling a lot or moving to a completely new place.

Whatever your path may be, you should step on it today. Don’t wait for a perfect moment or an external sign. After you take the plunge, you’ll definitely find that your new life is worth every effort.

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