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How to Grow Your Indoor Plants

How to Grow Your Indoor Plants

Kent Yoshimura -

One of the most fundamental things we are taught since childhood is that the oxygen we need to breathe and live comes from plants. Not only are plants a necessity, they can also be beneficial in improving our overall quality of life. 

Some indoor plants can act as natural purifiers to counter air irritants caused by household items like carpets, cleaners and printer inks. Other varieties can even help restore moisture in your room and help you with allergies! Thinking of getting one for your place? We’ve rounded up some tips to help get you started.


Know which indoor plant is best for you

We all have that one friend (or maybe even us at some point) who tried growing an indoor plant and failed miserably. The first step to successfully growing an indoor plant is knowing which type works best for you.

The rate at which plants grow is affected by a lot of factors such as light, temperature, nutrition, soil and water. Getting an indoor plant without researching and  considering these factors first is just setting yourself up to fail. And we don’t want that!

If you live in an apartment building with limited space, these factors are pretty much set already, and it will be best if you choose a plant that’s known to thrive in an environment you already have. Does your place have limited sunlight? Are you too busy and only have a few minutes to spare in a day? Try getting a Snake or Spider plant as these varieties are very low maintenance and can survive with minimal attention. If you’re lucky, your Spider Plant will sprout spiderettes, which you can repot to grow more Spider Plants!


Ready, Set, Shop!

When you’ve decided which type works best for you, it’s time to shop for the essential supplies like pots, soil, and fertilizers! Before you worry about how expensive this new hobby is going to be, you have to understand that it all depends on you. Pro tip, start with the most basic items first and work your way up as you go along. For the pots, make sure to choose one that has good material, drainage capacity, and most importantly, fits your plant and the space where you intend to put it. For the soil, determine which type of soil works best for your plant. Your local garden supply store should be able to help you with this. Finally, fertilizer. In order for your indoor plant to keep growing and thriving, they need fertilizer. You don’t need to buy this, you can make an organic one at home using banana peels


Join a community of indoor plant enthusiasts

With social media being all around us, you’ll be surprised at how many other people out there share the same interests as you do - love of indoor plants included! You might pick up a tip or two from these communities on how to better care for your indoor plants or troubleshoot problems and concerns they may have already dealt with in the past. Who knows, you can even trade to grow your indoor garden collection!

Growing indoor plants is not only beneficial to your physical health, it can also do wonders to your emotional and psychological health. Seeing and keeping them alive and thriving can give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose, which can make you excited and enthusiastic. So go ahead, make your indoor garden happen today. Because, why not?


Hero Image by Luiz Cent on Unsplash


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