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Battling Burnout: Ways College Student-Athletes Can Find Balance

Battling Burnout: Ways College Student-Athletes Can Find Balance

Sue Ellen -

Class, practice, homework, repeat. It’s a vicious cycle. Day after day and week after week, college student-athletes put their minds and bodies to the test. They show up early and stay late even with an upcoming paper and two exams. Countless collegiate competitors also struggle to maintain a halfway-decent sleep schedule. Downtime? Forget about it.

These unhealthy tendencies have detrimental consequences: physical, emotional, and mental wear and tear. Triggered by over-engagement and chronic stress, burnout is a state of extreme exhaustion. It can affect performance in the classroom and on the field. Student-athletes often lose that fiery passion that was once ablaze. What remains is a withering flame.

How can you, a dedicated student-athlete, break the cycle? You’ve proven your grit but have recently noticed a change. When no one’s watching, defeat overwhelms you. While positive change is easier said than done, there’s still a chance to regain what once was.

Summer is here, offering an opportunity to find stability. Here’s your guide to reclaiming that work-life balance. Afterall, life is too short to experience anything short of happiness.

Listen to Your Body

Your body sends signals to show what it needs to function at its best. For instance, low energy levels may imply a lack of nourishment.

During the summer months, incorporate beneficial remedies for fatigue. To start, try new pre- and post-workout recipes. A granola bar before hitting the gym doesn’t always provide enough nutrients. And after an intense practice, it’s crucial to consume foods that help you recover and build muscle. Check out these delicious and nutritious options!

Please note that each body is different. The following are only suggestions.

Pre-workout Options

  • Blueberry-banana smoothie with plant-based protein
    • Add a natural sweetener, like stevia or honey.
  • Nonfat Greek yogurt with fruit
  • Avocado toast Homemade trail mix
    • Add your favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.

Post-workout Options

  • Three-egg omelette with spinach and tomato
    • Vegan alternative: tofu scramble
  • Grilled white-meat chicken and a plain baked potato
  • Salmon or tuna with roasted vegetables
    • Short on time? Try frozen veggies!

With a few new recipes up your sleeve, take a trip to the grocery store. Make a meal for you and your workout buddy, and appreciate your newfound vigor and vitality.

If you’re aiming to optimize your stamina, take a moment to learn about Neuro Gum and Mints. The Energy & Focus products contain natural caffeine, L-theanine, and B-vitamins to boost endurance. This summer, discover your potential, and feel the difference with robust energy.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Your mental health and emotional wellbeing are crucial to your success as a student-athlete.

Feed your mind like you feed your body. Explore the world of meditation and mindfulness, and find a technique that works for you. Guided meditation can help you stress less and sleep better. Regardless of your level of experience, this activity may allow you to strengthen a muscle that could benefit from some exercise.

There is no question that Neuro Calm & Clarity Mints have the utmost potential to ease tension. Breathe deeply, and observe your thoughts and emotions in a relaxed state.

Expand Your Support System

Your coach and teammates always have your back, am I right? But it’s good to know who else you can lean on for guidance and support.

Create an open dialogue with your professors. These guys and gals want to see you succeed in all aspects of life. (Even though that curveball on a recent test might make you think otherwise!) Once your schedule is set for the fall semester, shoot your professors an introductory email. Share a little about yourself, such as your involvement in athletics. Be sure to express your excitement for your professors’ courses, too.

A short and sweet message will go a long way. It will help once you’re in season and have to miss class for a game or request an extension. Most importantly, it will help relieve stress and anxiety. You and your professor will be able to construct a game plan to help you get the work done. Simply put, consistent communication is key.

Your school most likely offers professional counseling services. Ask your coach to point you in the direction of these resources. Talk therapy can allow you to better understand and work through your struggles.

The Home Stretch

Olympic medalist and New York Times bestseller Apolo Anton Ohno once declared, “Passion is the spark for everything. Without passion, you won’t do something 100%. That’s the bottom line.”

As a student-athlete, your ultimate goal is academic and athletic success. You were recruited for your competitive drive and leadership qualities. You’re also human; sometimes the flame loses its spark. After hitting a low point, you’re ready to reignite that fiery passion.

Neuro Ideal State Mints provide the balance and stability you’ve been searching for. A combo pack of Energy & Focus and Calm & Clarity is recommended to help you get back on track and stay on track.


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