Are we drinking too much caffeine?

Are we drinking too much caffeine?

November 23, 2015

Drink, Crash, Repeat - A Look into Caffeine Content

Caffeine is popular - there's no doubt about that. From the coffee shops on every street corner to the energy drinks that line our convenience stores, we're a culture that runs on energy. However, according to LiveScience, 40mg is the ideal dosage to increase reaction speeds and alertness, but coffee and energy drinks keep increasing their caffeine content.

So we went to our friends at Caffeine Informer, and checked the caffeine content on five of the most popular drinks:

  • 5 Hour Energy: 200mg in 2 fl. oz
  • Coffee: 333mg in 16 fl. oz
  • Monster: 160mg in 16 fl. oz
  • Red Bull: 80mg in 8.46 fl. oz
  • Rockstar: 160mg in 16 fl. oz

All of these drinks exceed to ideal amount from twice as much to nearly five times as much per serving, which undoubtedly is the reason people keep consuming more and more. In fact, consuming excessive amounts of caffeine in one go sometimes does the opposite of what it's supposed to makes you tired. This is known as Adrenal Overload.

"Caffeine Blues" by Stephen Cherniske puts it best:

Excess neuron activity triggers the production of adrenalin – a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. When the adrenalin wears off, your energy drops. When this process is repeated two, three or four times, your body is in a constant state of what Cherniske calls “caffeinism.” Symptoms include feeling tired, anxious, irritable and depressed. This process is also responsible for creating caffeine tolerance, which is why, for some, they can drink four cups of coffee and not feel any more energized than a person who drinks one cup.
So ingesting coffee and energy drinks can have the exact opposite reaction relative to the more effective dosage or nootropic synergy you get when chewing NeuroGum. To see how you can maximize your output, take a look at our New Caffeine Plan where we discuss the ideal windows you can chew NeuroGum to keep on chugging through the day.

 So put down that coffee and pick up a pack. The world awaits you.

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