"My newfound love affair" - NeuroGum on Dr. Oz!

November 06, 2015

Dr. Oz


Today, NeuroGum was featured on Dr. Oz! Reported on by 13 time Emmy winning reporter Elizabeth Leamy, NeuroGum was well-received by TV's favorite celebrity doctor.

From their page:

"The plan was for me to take a baseline test of brain function, then chomp on a hunk of newly invented “smart gum” for a few minutes and take the test again. Would it make my fortysomething-year-old brain more lithe and nimble? Would I have the reaction time of a major league batter, the concentration of a world champion chess player, and the memory of a casino card counter?

It’s called NeuroGum, and it’s now for sale online. It’s the latest in the nootropic trend. Nootropic supplements are formulated to enhance your cognitive abilities, and while research on them may be thin, there’s tons of research showing that some of the most common separate ingredients in them do, indeed, have an effect on the brain. NeuroGum’s inventors told me their product contains mostly caffeine (about half a cup of coffee’s worth), L-theanine, and B vitamins.

But when I smuggled some NeuroGum home and tried it, I felt like it helped me, especially on a day that I had a lot to accomplish and hadn’t slept enough the night before. Impressed with myself (and the gum), I reached for another piece the next day. “What is that?!” my husband asked."

You can see the video here:

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