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5 Amazing Products that Boost Energy Levels

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You know how it goes. That mid-afternoon slump that turns up right on time; just when you need to muster some energy to finish the day’s work. You can rely on that demotivating fog to come down around 3pm, and you just feel like reaching for yet another coffee to get you through it. Maybe you’re even throwing in sugar or chemical sweeteners. It’s not a healthy solution but it’s a common one - and a self-perpetuating one. 

Even if your lifestyle doesn’t mean being a 3pm keyboard nose-diver, you may still be a victim of brain-fog, lethargy and lack of motivation at any time. Nobody needs that in their lives, but knowing how to combat it in a healthy, lasting and effective way is another matter; one we’re here to help you with. Why not try one of these energy-boosting, lethargy-busting super-products to reset your system?

  1. Raw, unprocessed cacao: a natural energizer

Cacao is nature’s wonder food. That's cacao not cocoa - there is a difference. Cacao is in its raw, natural form, whereas cocoa is the heat-treated, nutritionally-devoid commercial version. There is a world of difference. If you've ever heard that chocolate is good for you, there is some truth in it. However, that isn’t referring to the abundance of processed, dairy and refined sugar-filled chocolate bars on the market. These may taste great, but they're actually just toxic and you'll never get any real energy from them – except for the short-term sugar hit. 

Cacao before processing is a true health product; it is nutritionally complete. You can get it in the form of nibs or powder, but it does taste bitter compared to commercial chocolate. You can munch on the nibs for a natural and tangible energy boost, or make your own chocolate or drinks with the powder. Try mixing the latter with nut milk and if you need to sweeten it, a natural sweetener like stevia or xylitol will sort it. Goodbye afternoon energy crash, hello nutrition!

  1. Binaural beats: brainwave entrainment for energy

Binaural beats refer to what is known as brainwave entrainment. Simply put, binaural beats promote changes in brain activity. A stereo sound is channeled into both ears via headphones, with two slightly different tones going into each ear. The brain then produces a response to this difference; dependent on the tones used, this can lead to a change in frequencies. Gamma, alpha, beta, delta and theta are the names used to describe the range of states. Triggering beta waves through binaural beats is a good way to wake yourself up, boosting your mental clarity and energy. 

3. Delicious, organic coffee

Americans drink about 400million cups of coffee every day, but how many are paying attention to the hidden nasties? All coffee is not created equal. Sure, we love the boost to our mental functions that coffee promises: alertness, better memory, improved drive and motivation, etc. Along with the unique and compelling taste that coffee is famous for, it’s one of America’s most popular products thanks to the feeling it gives you.

What’s not so great about it is the pesticide content. Coffee is actually one of the most pesticide-laden products on the planet, with 250lbs per acre of chemical fertilizers soaking their way into conventional coffee beans. Pesticides are linked to cancer and miscarriages, among many other things, so clearly they’re best avoided. The only way to be sure you’re getting your caffeine hit the healthy way is to drink organic coffee. As organic coffee means a marked improvement in taste, why not?

  1. Green tea: go green with this drink

Green tea has a wide range of health benefits, but the one we are most interested in right now is its ability to improve brain function, mood and energy levels.

Amino acid L-theanine is a natural constituent in green tea and is the reason (as well as the caffeine content) for the mental alertness you’ll get from it. Green tea is considered to provide you with a more ‘stable’ energy and is famed for being anti-anxiety. Like coffee, it promotes the firing of neurons as well as the concentration of neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine; it is said make you smarter! What’s not to like?

  1. Nootropics

Nootropics is the name for substances that improve cognitive function. They have a positive effect on mental functions, motivation, memory and creativity. Because we don't all want to consume countless cups of coffee or tea (which have diuretic effects), and for busy people time is of the essence, it's tempting to look for shortcuts to the heightened energy levels we seek.

Fortunately, such products do exist. Neuro gum and mints are a healthy alternative and a quick and effective energy boost. What's more, it contains no sugar or chemical sweeteners like aspartame. Attaining the positive effects of nootropics in a natural way is the name of the game; that means enhanced cognition, concentration, mental alertness and memory functions. As it comes in the form of a gum, the natural, active ingredients within it are quickly absorbed through the mouth; this means you'll notice your energy levels rising much more quickly than they would via a drink or other form of supplementation. The caffeine, L-theanine (found in green tea), vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 in Neuro gum and mints all have scientifically proven positive effects on cognitive functions.

Be productive sooner rather than later…

So if organic coffee, cacao, green tea, binaural beats, and Neuro gum and mints are all effective, healthy ways to boost your energy, surely these products are the sensible ones to take to establish healthy long-term habits. Why not alternate them to mix things up a bit?

Ultimately, if you want to be productive and quick-thinking, rather than a lethargic, unmotivated procrastination king or queen, isn’t now as good a time as any to make a promise to yourself to beat that brain-fog once and for all?

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