The NeuroGum Journey

August 03, 2015

I never realized business would be such a crazy journey. It's been a wild ride, but we've finally gotten a hold of the reigns, even if its by our fingertips...after two years, we're so excited that NeuroGum is hitting the markets.

When Ryan Chen​ and I first started NeuroGum​, we set out with big goals in mind. I had been taking nootropics for a while to balance fighting and school, and despite talking about millions of random business ideas in the past, we both jumped on the idea of creating a nootropic gum. From the beginning, we wanted to create a more natural, effective, and portable alternative to energy drinks while improving on the currently very weak market of energy gums, and NeuroGum was the answer.

Of course, it wasn't as simple as we thought. We spent the better half of two years working with our chemist to get the formula right, and although we successfully released the first version of our gum in tins at the LA and NY Fashion Show, we realized we had to completely revamp the look and feel of the product to meet demands and release an affordable product that everyone could use. We despairingly went back to the drawing board.

Yet, this process became a blessing in disguise. Reformulating (for the 20+ time) improved the effects and flavor even more, and our new packaging made carrying NeuroGum even easier. It finally became the product we set out to make in the very beginning.

After chewing our product for nearly a year, I really do believe NeuroGum can help people remember each day more clearly, dream more vividly, and live life more adventurously...I know it's done so for me. Thanks for all the support everyone :)

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