NeuroGum Nootropic Caffeine + L theanine Energy Gum

NeuroGum™ Nootropic Energy Gum | EnlightenMint Flavor

6-Pack contains 54 pieces of NeuroGum
contains 108 pieces of NeuroGum

NeuroGum's™ proprietary blend of natural green tea caffeine + L-theanine and brain-activating B-vitamins gives you the focus, clarity, and lasting energy to take on the world. Through a patented cold-compressed formulation, our energy gum works five times faster than energy drinks without the unhealthy ingredients or unwanted side-effects. For less than $3 per pack and as low as $0.27 per piece, you get the focus and energy you need without breaking the bank.

Each piece of NeuroGum™ contains around half a cup of coffee and nootropics to provide clean, balanced energy - anytime, anywhere.

Sugar Free - Gluten Free - Non-GMO - Vegan
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