The NeuroGum Story
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Our Story

Team NeuroGum


Undertaking the rigors of the competitive educational landscape while training at an Olympic level, founders Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen recognized the demand for energy products but were surprised to find what people were ingesting. From illegal prescriptions of Adderall™ to the less than desirable ingredients contained in the sector’s most popular energy drinks, a void in the market was clear and present. They set out to fill it.

In search of a product that increased focus and productivity without the unhealthy ingredients and associated side-effects, they began to explore the world of nootropics. However, the idea of taking dozens of pills a day didn't sit well with them. They appreciated the effects but wanted something more accessible.

So with their backgrounds in Neuroscience, Chemistry, and Economics, both Kent and Ryan embarked on this journey, working alongside a chemist to formulate a product that was healthy, effective, and convenient. Undergoing over a year of research and development, they consulted with brain surgeons, personal formulators, professional athletes, and the typical coffee drinker to create NeuroGum™ in October 2015 - world’s first cold-compressed, nootropic energy gum.