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Why It’s Important to Take Risks to Find Success in Life

Why It’s Important to Take Risks to Find Success in Life

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Why It’s Important to Take Risks to Find Success in Life

You gotta risk it for the biscuit.

The path to success presents many challenges that can only be met by taking a risk. We’ve all read stories about nervy entrepreneurs who met this challenge and became wildly successful. In order to reap big rewards in any area of life, you’ve got to be willing to leave your comfort zone once in awhile and take those calculated risks.  

Where can we take more risks in our lives?

  • Physical
  • Professional
  • Emotional

  • Risk taking is not the equivalent of reckless behavior. Major decisions require thorough research and customizing the results to the task at hand. Many people avoid taking risks because they fear the potential humiliation of public failure. This reluctance to leave our comfort zones holds us back from realizing our potential and living happy and fulfilling lives.


    Physical challenges can be anything that scares you silly - the fear of riding roller coasters or airplanes, for example. You can choose to coddle your fearfulness, or you can work towards overcoming them. Done correctly, physical risks are the easiest to try. Go through with one and you’ll feel like a superhero, ready to take on the world.  


    If you’re unhappy about your professional life, taking a risk seems like the obvious choice. The only thing you have to lose is your misery. Yes, it’s scary and there will be costs involved, but don’t let that stop you. Each risky step you take is an important lesson learned and brings you closer to where you want to be.


    Emotional risks are the biggest and most rewarding ones of all. Finding the courage to approach people to ask questions about work, moving someplace by yourself, even asking someone out on a date are examples of emotional risk-taking. As with professional risks, each step leads to greater knowledge and confidence in your ability to steer your life in your chosen direction.


    Risks are scary, but so is staying in your comfort zone and regretting lost opportunities when you get older. It's the risk you don't take that can be the major failure in your life. And if you think you’re too old, remember: age is just a number and it's never too late to live out your dreams.

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