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What Are the Best Non-traditional Sources of Energy?

What Are the Best Non-traditional Sources of Energy?

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What Are the Best Non-traditional Sources of Energy?

The hectic pace of modern life can be exhilarating and also exhausting. We try to keep fatigue at bay with too many servings of caffeinated, sugary beverages, but the afternoon slump creeps up on us and leads to the crash. Instead of dipping into your old bag of tricks for the same old pick-me-up, try something new from these energy sources.

How We Can Achieve All-day Energy Without the Post-caffeine Crash?

1. Kombucha

    The amount of caffeine (derived from tea and fermentation) in this popular drink varies by brand, but the good news is that kombucha brings the pep up without a case of the shakes. A good dose of probiotics is included, which aid digestion and keep your system “regular.” How you feel physically affects your productivity, and you want to feel healthy and capable, not sluggish and uncomfortable.

    2. Oolong Tea

    Oolong is an ancient Chinese green tea that benefits your health and brain function. It has a decent amount of caffeine plus L-theanine, an amino acid responsible for its relaxing effect, so you get a nice mellow energy burst.

    3. Dark chocolate
    A small piece of dark chocolate (minimum 60% cacao) has enough caffeine to banish that mid-afternoon urge to take a nap. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants, iron, copper, magnesium and zinc, and if that’s not enough, it’s also a mood-booster! You’ll deliver the goods with a smile.

    4. Energy Gum
    Chewing a minty or cinnamony piece of energy gum will enhance your system with a clean boost of energy derived from green tea and the equivalent of half a cup of coffee. It’s convenient to keep on hand, an instant cure for post-lunch dragon breath, and the flavor lasts no matter how strenuously you chomp away at it.


    5. Mushroom Coffee
    Put simply, this is coffee with the addition of mushrooms that offer immune system support, stress relief, improved mental functioning, and essential nutrients like vitamins B12 & D. Companies such as Four Sigmatic make a brew that tastes no different than a mushroom-less brand (there are others on the market), so put aside your uncertainty and try a cup!

    6. Vitamins
    A lack of important vitamins such as vitamin A or D, or low iron levels might be the reason you aren’t feeling or performing at your best, and no amount of caffeine can fix that. Schedule your annual check-up and blood test to make sure your body is getting enough vitamins and minerals for proper physical and mental functioning.

    7. Protein Bars
    Hangry hurts not just your stomach, but also your mind and the people around you! A protein bar made of real ingredients is just the thing to grab when your energy is flagging and you’ve got a lot more to accomplish before day’s end. Look for brands that feature nutrients, fiber, protein, and a touch of caffeine to vanquish those hunger pangs.



    The items on this list are an easy first step in getting the most out of your day.

    Choosing smarter and healthier snacks can improve your mood, focus, and productivity.




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