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Striking Ways to Reduce Stress and Live a Worry-Free Life

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 Sadly, most people suffer from the stress of some kind. Some feel the pressure at work, others struggle to find a balance between work and leisure, while others suffer from bouts of anxiety. We’ve all been there, and perhaps the fast-paced lifestyle we’ve created for ourselves isn’t all that healthy. At times, I feel we humans are far more fragile than we might like to admit. However, maybe, in view of all the stresses and strains people are under, we need to re-examine our lives and find better and more chilled-out ways to exist.

Embrace and Accept Your Sensitivity and Fragility

The first and perhaps the most important step is to stop fighting your sensitivity. Many people berate themselves for getting stressed, and the majority heroically soldier on rather than admit to their struggles. For starters, if you feel stressed, it simply means that you are a sensitive being. Most of us are. In all likelihood, this sensitivity allows you to form deep and lasting relationships because it also contains a dollop of empathy. Your sensitivity is also the mechanism by which you are aware of your limits and your fragility.

Let’s say, your boss is on your back. Obviously, that is highly unpleasant, and your stress levels rise. Thanks to your sensitivity, you recognize the unpleasantness of the situation but rather than simply pushing these signals away, you need to embrace them and seek to change the situation. You could possibly ask your boss to give you a break and reassure her/him that you are doing your best. In contrast, if you choose to ignore the signals received by means of your sensitivity, you suffer on and, perhaps at some stage you’ll reach breaking-point.

Fragility is another one of those wonderful human qualities we try to suppress. If everyone had the guts to openly admit that they are not superhuman, our society would be a far more comfortable place to exist. Instead, we all pretend to be limitless and always in control. It takes a whole lot of effort and determination to be strong all the time and ultimately, we are just not made that way. We are fragile, and our capabilities are limited. 

The day you decide that it is ok not to be superhuman and perfectly acceptable to struggle, a heavyweight will be lifted off your shoulders. You won’t feel the need to perform all the time any longer. You’ll allow yourself the time and space to be a fragile human being. And your stress levels will drop immediately!

Once you’ve accepted that it’s natural to be stressed, seek ways of reducing this stress. While major change is necessary in some cases, small lifestyle adjustments can make all the difference. Let’s take a look at some of them.

 Seek Tranquility in Nature

Research has indicated that walking in the forest considerably reduces stress levels which should come as no surprise. The tranquility we encounter in nature provides an adequate and highly-beneficial contrast to the constant overstimulation we are subjected to in our communities. All day, every day, we are bombarded with noise, images, and stimulants, so much so that our senses are pushed beyond their natural limits. By seeking tranquility, we recover and recharge our batteries.



Experts suggest, around 20 minutes of physical exercise per day can greatly reduce stress and anxiety levels. We know that the serotonin levels in our brain increase while exercising, and this neurotransmitter is associated with happiness and a cheerful disposition. Simply find a form of exercise you enjoy and set time aside for it on a weekly or even daily basis if you can. All of you will benefit, your body, mind, and your soul.

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Beyond


Many people find great relief when using mindfulness techniques, meditating, doing yoga or engaging in other similar practices. All of these methods seek to calm the mind, bring you into the present moment and allow you to let go of whatever issues are bothering you. Taking a relevant class is an excellent idea. Not only will you learn how to deal and release stress, but you will also get to know others who are in the same position. Sometimes, just realizing that other people are in the same boat can make a big difference.

Herbs, Essential Oils, and Supplements 

Rather than going to the doctor and getting prescription medication, you can use a plethora of natural remedies, proven to reduce stress. Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and Melissa can induce relaxation. Just add a few drops to a hot bath and take a blissful soak. Herbal remedies like passionflower, valerian, and hops have all been used for generations because of their calming properties. The power and potency of these remedies mustn’t be underestimated though, and I would always advise people to check with their doctor before taking them. Some of them are unsuitable for use if you are taking prescription drugs. 

Nootropics like L-Theanine and Phenibut are also often used to reduce stress and anxiety.

Diet and Stimulants

Your diet can also play a major role in stress reduction. Introduce lots of omega 3-containing foods like oily fish, nuts, and seeds. Obviously, if you are stressed out, reducing your intake of stimulants such as caffeine is a complete no-brainer.

Spa Treatments 

There is nothing like going for a luxury spa treatment like a hot stone massage, thermal bath, or even a beauty treatment. If nothing else, you are taking time out and removing yourself from the pressure-cooker of everyday life - at least for a little while.

Remember - It's Ok to Get Stressed out - We All Do 

I would imagine even if you lived on top of a mountain, away from all the hustle and bustle, had all the money you needed and were surrounded by all your favorite people in the world, you would probably still get stressed sometimes, I guess that just human nature. The key is to navigate the rough seas and enjoy the smooth passages as much as you possibly can.

Hi! We’re Team Neuro, aficionados of all things brain-related, from creativity to working out. With backgrounds in art, science, and athletics, we love delving into all the potentials of the human body.

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