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June 20, 2017 1 Comment

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Angela Stark
Angela Stark

June 27, 2017

Hello. I can’t believe what I just read about the Cortisol. I suffer from Crohn’s, Lupus, RA. PCOS, and Addison’s. I take prednisone every day for the last 6 years for my auto-immune diseases and my adrenal gland does not work anymore. I tried this gum not knowing it could help my adrenal gland all I knew is that this gum works. The days I can’t keep my eye’s open after waking up I pop a piece of Neuro Gum in my mouth and wah lah, I am awake and have more energy. This absolutely helps me. I will have to ask my Dr. but this may be the miracle I have been looking for to help me get my adrenal gland working again and producing cortisol again.Thank you so much. Sincerely Angela Stark

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