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Music Supports Your Wellbeing

June 29, 2017 1 Comment

Each and every day, I am exhilaratingly allured by its essence. I inject generous tranquilizing doses of its medicinal sorcery into my veins. Pleasant waves of ecstasy rush through my body as I bow to its magnetic charm. The initial rush transforms my heartbeat and orchestrates a symphony of euphoria and rhapsody. Come hell or high water, it unceasingly brings to life the marriage of my five senses. I am moved by a thrill so powerful that it sends shivers down my spine. Music, you are a drug to me.

Visual Music Sketch #3 from Felix Faire on Vimeo.

The phenomenon of music pulls on the heartstrings of individuals all across the world. Music transcends the arbitrary boundaries that human beings devise to irrationally dissociate themselves and escalates unity amongst various cultures and encounters. The broad array of genres in the melting pot of melody builds bridges, which suggest the release of xenophobia and the curiosity of understanding between different cultures. Universally esteemed as a powerful force of expression, music conveys important messages, challenges predictability and evokes emotional realizations through stimulating the chemical and electrical impulses that power the mechanisms of the brain. Music simultaneously conjures memories and leads the minds petty cries to the evocation of influential realizations. Listening to music places cunning emphasis on the production of certain emotions an individual desires to explore along with the support of radical thought, delivery and the disavowal of societal norms. Music stimulating social movement and debate plucks the strings of fucked up corporeal villains.

From records full of pumped-up, electrically enhanced studio magic to memorable explosive opening riffs on songs that have left deep-rooted legacies, music gets an individual's juices flowing and visibly exhibits the importance of humanity’s greatest driving force. Newfound clarity heralds as sensory appetites ripen toward satisfaction from any artist other than New Found Glory and lead individuals to the strengthening of interest to create an opportunity to share personal perspicacity associated with the piece of music. Vivid imaginations of fucking incredible ingenious artists (alternately categorized as space cadets, freaks of nature, weirdos, social rejects, etc) fire up illustrious feelings and challenge the use of standard musical gadgets by generating the creation of majestic sound through the use of everyday objects. I recall the feeling I derived from witnessing the musical use of a frying pan on stage by Imogen Heap in 2006 (the only sober adventure of the decade) which sparked numerous conversations and debates pertaining to thinking outside of the box when it comes to the composition of harmonization.

Music has been a preeminent source of delight within my nomadic, foolhardy and downright brilliant life thus far. Music has touched me on the deepest abstruse and inmost level. The experimental sub-genre, Trip Hop, fervently carries the musical key to my heart. The artistically creative, enticingly dense, magnetically dark, and utterly captivating mature display of musical craft blithely seduces me as it seeps under my skin and has left a penetrating mark on my being. The lustrous combination of head-nodding beats, deep ambience and the erratic application of acid-house sounds with mysterious vocals dripping through my headphones aids in the creation of an abstract world of drifting smoke and wonder.

The production of Massive Attack’s 1998 release, ‘Mezzanine’, is flawless. Listening to Massive Attack heartily takes over my entire body and mind. Though I will give any song in the entire world a chance, Trip Hop has metamorphosed my interest in open-ended forms of expression and serves as my personal most faithful musical mirror of reflection.

It is no surprise that crowds of thousands from worldwide walks of life collect wristbands and come together for the unique opportunity to bask in the intoxication drawn from the infusion of multiculturalism, instruments, enthusiastic vibes and distinctive musical styles at music festivals all over the globe. Human beings are immediately connected by live circulating energy and intensity of collective fury exploding into the day/night and casting spells on conventional behavior.

Intricately woven tunes kick passion into high gear and bury an individual's fear of judgement. Music directly conveys the power to affect our equilibrium, physical jumpsuit, conscious thoughts and movement. Music festivals are playgrounds beaming of spontaneity and enriching interaction amongst human beings sharing the authentic feeling composed from being engulfed by noteworthy performances. Pausing to feel the music deeply penetrate your heart activates the pleasure of being fully alive and sparks the flow of flamboyant freedom.

Music has the potential to bring a listener to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Music rises above the barricades of communication and dishes out stories behind the exertion of an individual's idiosyncratic creativity. Music is a driving force. Music breeds coexistence. Music heals.

This post was written by Jessica Golich, a Freelance Writer based out of Brooklyn, New York. Jessica has an insatiable curiosity for the world and candidly expresses herself through writing about the thoughts and experiences that shape her life.

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Kathy LaBarre
Kathy LaBarre

July 01, 2017

Oops vision impaired correction is Solfeggio 528 Hz earth chakra frequencies to Cosmos!

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