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Live Bold and Dismiss the Haters

Team NeuroGum -
Black Mirror Season 3 “Nosedive”

Naysayers and haters. It’s a real shame. You’re struck with envy. You make excuses. You are resentful. You aren’t hustling to make it happen. You throw shade in attempt to rationalize your inadequacy and mediocrity. Your pride keeps you numb in your tracks and unable to click the “like” button to support an individual who once was a crucial piece in keeping the ball bouncing in your court. Your lack of applause and maliciously cynical claws speak to your internal dissatisfaction tied to your lack of ability to confront your flaws. Think broader. Out-dream yourself. You don’t know much about the years of struggle and toil leading to an individual’s ascendance; I recommend that you plan a deeply personal intervention and pay keen attention to your misapprehension and self-inflicted psychological infections. Let that marinate.

You will stumble across haters everywhere you go as long as you continue to live right and bust your behind toward meeting your goals and actively living out the life of your dreams. Real talk, I am certainly not the fan favorite in my hometown. Actually, I am furthest from it. I can straight up count a variety of souls who have morphed into foes that no longer show any support or love the more and more I become exposed. There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty. If you subscribe to continuing to see a loaf of bread when there are only crumbs left with certain friends or family as your life progresses, drop ’em like it’s hot. Those human beings are no longer your friends or of any substantial benefit to your well-being. Thank them for the free marketing when they moan, bitch and complain. Acknowledge the pain of disloyalty and the petty spitefulness that they have imbued into their nature, feel it and let it fucking go. These individuals are cancerous limbs in your life that you must amputate. Expel them from your worthy presence and make it a point to choose to solely spend your precious time with positive and healthy human beings who supplement your well-being while they improve their own. You cannot afford anyone else’s company.

I have tossed in the towel on relations with phony human beings who come out of the woodwork when life is poppin’, haven’t hit me up in months and refuse to fully express themselves on the faulty promise of securing external wealth. Society recognizes genius and compares it to insanity; I perceive the astute individual as a living, breathing gift raising awareness within humanity through emphatically broadcasting a rich diversity of unorthodox alternatives steering clear of conservative concurrences. Allow me to highlight some outspoken masters; Eminem, Rosa Parks, Johnny Carson, Audrey Hepburn, Kendrick Lamar, Elton John, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, each and every member of N.W.A. Whether still kicking or deceased, I perceive that each one of those individuals are either living or have lived an existence full of unrelenting persistence.

You gotta fly your own magic carpet and explode like fireworks across a night sky with red-hot blood pumping in your veins. You gotta toss relations with individuals that have mindsets tied to depravity that perceive the imaginable as unimaginable aside and focus on your ride. When you’re a threat, you will morph into a target if you allow the malice within an insecure individual get to you. You have got to be exceptionally relentless in your pursuit for life excellence. Reasoning as to why I am beginning to open magical doors is because I think like a black belt and habitually bleed words that are mysteriously enigmatic and imbued with transcendental magic. I never toe the line and I have never paid tuition; I simply paid attention.

I want to see every single bloody awful and nobly wonderful human being succeed no matter what “success” means to you. Choose not to wait until you hear that you are dying to begin to live. I recommend that those who are personally threatened by another human beings accomplishments quit wishing upon a star and camouflaging their inner instability behind a smokescreen of petty politics and feelings of back-biting inferiority and use the experience as an indicator of their personal beliefs behind themselves. Stop hating. Fiercely practice your craft and choose to experience the so-called pain of discipline over the excruciating pain of regret. Virtual high-five to every single fearless individual who genuinely encourages the success of others while working on their own. Don’t hate, celebrate.




This post was originally written by Jessica Golich, a Freelance Writer based out of Brooklyn, New York. Jessica has an insatiable curiosity for the world and candidly expresses herself through writing about the thoughts and experiences that shape her life.

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