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Are You Stressed? 4 Ways to Calm Down

Are You Stressed? 4 Ways to Calm Down

Sue Ellen -

Here’s something we hear everyday - “stress is all around you”.

We may not like it, but we know that it’s true. As human beings, we each have our own encounters in the battlefield with stress and anxiety and some of them may not be very pretty.

Have you been feeling stressed lately? There’s no need to raise a white flag and surrender; here are 4 ways to help you calm down.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing

Anxiety and stress affects your breathing, and depending on the gravity, it may even feel a little difficult to breathe sometimes. Part of the body’s typical stress response is shallow and upper chest breathing, which oftentimes may feel a little uncomfortable.

When this happens, it may feel counterintuitive to physically stop moving, especially if your body is in a state of panic, but stopping and closing your eyes to focus on your breathing may be your best bet.

Trying out different types of breathing exercises may help reduce stress and anxiety. If you can, incorporate one or two in your everyday routine by practicing and setting aside as little as 5 minutes every day.

Not only will these make you feel better, they will also make your lungs healthier.

Side Note: For some people, concentrating on their breathing triggers hyperventilation.

If you know that you are one, it is highly recommended to move on to the next tips.

Spend time with nature

The soothing, healing and restorative power of nature does a great deal to reduce stress and anxiety. This is largely because time with nature gives us perspective and widens our horizons.

It makes us aware that there is a bigger world out there where we can find meaning, beauty and purpose; an environment where we can find something we are passionate about.

“Spending time with nature” doesn’t necessarily mean going on hikes, or taking long vacations outdoors.

It can be as simple as taking a walk in a nearby park, spending your lunch hour in an al fresco garden restaurant, taking time to cuddle and snuggle with your furry pets, tending to your garden or making one at home!

In a digital world where online is the norm (an average American spends about 10 hours/day staring at a screen), consciously taking time to disconnect and make time for nature will do wonders to reduce your stress and anxiety.

You’ll be surprised - that walk in the park may just be what you need to feel refreshed.

Do something that will require your concentration and focus

Dealing with stress and anxiety may feel like an uphill battle all the time. It takes up your energy, focus and makes you feel like a rocking chair - always moving but getting nowhere.

However, it doesn’t always have to be.

Take back your power by redirecting your focus and energy to something else that you enjoy doing.

Yoga and meditation are good ways to focus your mind and eliminate the stress-causing noise that seeks to control your mind. Doing these can give you a state of calm, a feeling of peace and a sense of balance which are good for your overall well being.

Engaging in physical activities is also a fun and productive way to distract you from the things that trigger your stress and anxiety. Find something that you enjoy doing regularly, whether alone like running, swimming or working out, or with friends like basketball or football, among others.

Writing down your thoughts is also a good way to calm you when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. When emotions and thoughts jumble in your brain, writing them down may help declutter and make sense of the chaos.

Try journaling before you sleep to release your mind from the day’s events and destress you from the day’s worries. As you make it a habit - when you put your pen down, close your journal and get ready for bed, you’ll know that in that night’s battle, you won.

Calm down with Neuro Gum & Mints

A steady state of mind is always a canvass for success.

Take notice of life’s greatest moments - didn’t you start with a sense of regency followed by a sense of calm?

As you spend time with nature, journal your thoughts and breathe your stress away, a couple of Neuro Calm and Clarity Mints will seal the deal and take you to that optimal state of calmness and relaxation.

Every Neuro Calm and Clarity Mint is expertly developed and infused with GABA, Vitamin D3 and L-theanine. All these ingredients are known to ease tension, calm your nerves and relax you.

Identifying your trigger area/s

When you’re calmer, less anxious and more relaxed, try to identify where the stress and anxiety are coming from. Identifying these things will help in lessening the stress and anxiety by enabling you to steer clear from things that trigger them.

Try to retrace your steps and see what you did prior to feeling stressed. For example, some people feel anxious after watching the news because the majority of what they see and hear are negative.

Most importantly, if stress and anxiety affects your daily life in a serious and destructive way, never hesitate to seek professional help.

The first step in solving any problem is acknowledging that it exists. The sooner you come to terms with it, the sooner you can regain control of your thoughts and of your life.

You don’t just win a battle, you win the war.


Hero Image by Emma Simpson on Unsplash


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