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Ace your next interview with these 3 tips

Ace your next interview with these 3 tips

Kent Yoshimura -

Whether you are fresh out of college, applying for a new job in the same industry, or transitioning in your career, doing an interview can be a nerve wracking experience.

This may sound strange, but being “nervous” before an interview, may actually be a good thing for you.

Being nervous is natural, it’s a part of your body’s response to stressful situations. It leads to a boost in the production of adrenaline which can actually be used to your advantage. This means your body has a built-in system to propel you forward and get you through difficult and stressful situations.

All you need to do is to learn how to make the most out of it.

Going in for your next big interview? Here are some tips to help you ace it.

Shift your perspective

It’s all about the mindset.

Think of the interview as a conversation, and not an interrogation. They get to know you, just as much as you get to know them.

They ask you questions to see whether you’re the perfect fit for the position they’re looking for, and you also ask them questions if their company is the environment you’re looking for.

Think about this, if you get the job, you’re going to spend 8 (or more) hours of your entire day working for and with them, don’t you want to see this early if it’s worth it?

You want them to like you, but ask yourself this question - do you like them too?

Come Prepared

The surest way to lose a war is to not bring any ammo. Enough said.

It's very easy to say "be confident", but how in the world can you become confident if you don't even know what to say?!

Confidence comes from knowing who you are, what your worth and what are the values and impact you can bring to the table. Speak from a place of knowing and believing that you are worth this job, and more.

You may want and need the job like a glass of ice cold water on a hot summer's day, but you want to play it cool and confident without sounding cocky.

You already know the basics of researching the company you're interviewing for. Cover the "About" page in their website and get to know more of what they do as a company and what people say about them.

Try to find a connection between these things and your professional experience and your interests in relation to what you want to be doing if you get the job.

Give them the “wow” factor by relating these to actual real life examples of scenarios and experiences you’ve had in the past. You can also draw them a picture of how you see these things help in realizing the company’s goals and targets.

Practice Makes Perfect

Never underestimate the power of practicing and rehearsing for an interview.

You think all the good public speakers you know got good overnight? Nope. Public speaking is not just pure talent, it also requires a certain level of practice to master.

If you're an introvert who naturally shies away from people, then all the more practicing will be beneficial, and necessary if you want to bag that interview.

Ask a good friend to stand in for an interviewer for you. They don’t even need to have an HR experience, just anyone whom you know has your best interests at heart and can give you constructive comments and help you improve your content and delivery.

Alternatively, record yourself on video so you can watch and critique yourself after. Get a list of possible interview questions and think about the best answers to them.

DO NOT just copy answers off of the internet though! Always make sure to personalize it, own it, and make it sound organic. Also, DO NOT LIE! Sugar coating your experiences and making them “sound pretty” and very far from the actual truth may cause you trouble down the line.

You probably heard it a million times over, but if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Do not be in the business of "winging things". Instead, be in the business of doing the work, coming prepared, and acing it.

Ease the tension with Neuro

You do things better when you're calm, there's no doubt about that. Before your interview, bring a couple of Neuro Calm and Clarity mints and pop one or two a few minutes before you need to go in.

Every Neuro Calm and Clarity Mint is expertly developed and infused with GABA, Vitamin D3 and L-theanine. All these ingredients are known to ease tension and add focus - exactly what you need to get your head in the game!

In conclusion, interviews, as scary as it is for most people, is not something to be feared but rather, something that needs to be prepared for.

Conquer it by having the right mindset, coming prepared and getting the help you need.

Who knows? Your dream job offer may just be on the other side of that interview you’re preparing for.


Hero Image by Hunters Race on Unsplash


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