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What Other Energy Gum?

What Other Energy Gum?

Team NeuroGum -
If you're a caffeine fan, the past few years have been an overload of new ways to get that sweet, sweet buzz into your system. We now have caffeinated peanut butter, popcorn, e-cigarettes (that's asking for trouble), topical sprays, and even sunflower seeds.
It's a thriving time for caffeine, without a doubt, and certainly a fun time as a consumer, but none of these products are really going to change your coffee or energy drink habit. You're not going to carry a jar of peanut butter and a spoon around to get your kick.  People want something reliable, portable, and efficient. We wanted something reliable, portable, and efficient.


Chewing gum is that perfect delivery method. You can carry enough around in your purse or pocket to get you through a whole day. It absorbs within 15 minutes, so you can get the boost right when you need it. It's a great idea. Great enough that in the past several years there has been a rush to get a caffeinated gum into the mainstream. 

Get out and GO!!

That's right, we're telling you here, there are several other chewing gum companies out there selling gum with caffeine. They've even been on the market for a while longer. But have you heard of Military Energy Gum, Jolt Gum, or Plow On Energy Gum? We hadn't either before some serious research. There are two key reasons we think NeuroGum has found a place with chewers where these other companies have not.



The first is that we spent the time going through enough iterations to find a pleasant flavor. The taste of caffeine is easy to pick up on, and when you simply add a Red Bull's worth of it into one piece of gum, things get pretty unpleasant real fast. Caffeine Informer said this of Military Energy: "The gum comes only in cinnamon flavor but even that only lasts for the first five minutes. After that you’re left on your own, just you and the bitter, almost sickening flavor of caffeine." That's pretty rough, and we experienced similar problems with early versions of NeuroGum. But we spent the time to find the right balance of Mint and Vanilla to mask the flavor without using a harsher taste like cinnamon.

The second thing that sets NeuroGum is that we're not just another random product with caffeine injected. We're not just a caffeinated gum. We're a nootropic caffeine gum. Our co-founding team consists of a chemistry major and a cognitive neuroscience major, and we knew that just caffeine was not enough to make a product that deserved its place as a stable in the daily user's life.
What people need is balanced energy. L-theanine is the key to this formula, balancing out the negative side effects of caffeine while adding its own benefits like increased focus and decreased stress. This is the combination that is the reason green tea has stood the test of time, and it's what makes NeuroGum stand out from the pack. NeuroGum is about productive and focused energy, while the other guys take the caffeine present in an energy drink and cram it into a piece of gum (And that amount is often too high, as we've covered on our blog). 


You can absolutely get a huge burst short lived energy from Military Energy and other caffeinated chewing gums, or maybe even from that peanut butter. But you're not going to stick with it day to day, and that's why we spent the time making sure that NeuroGum is an alternative with no sugar that tastes good, and gives you caffeine and l-theanine together for a focused and productive burst of energy. 

Hi! We’re Team NeuroGum, aficionados of all things brain-related, from creativity to working out. With backgrounds in art, science, and athletics, we love delving into all the potentials of the human body.

We also created the world's first sugar-free nootropic caffeine gum that utilizes the effects of caffeine and L-theanine, made to help you optimize your mind — anywhere, anytime. Find out more here.


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