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6 Reasons Why You Should Chew Gum

6 Reasons Why You Should Chew Gum

Kent Yoshimura -

We think we know a lot about gums, but what do we really know about gums? And what else don’t we know? Gums go way back, from tree barks to spruce tree resins, to the shape and form that we know gums today, it has evolved and adapted to the way we live and the way we move.

From our childhood, we know that gums (or bubble gums) are these sugary, tasty confections our moms warn us not to eat too much of lest we run the risk of having a toothache. But now, gums are no longer confined to being just a sweet childhood treat, it has evolved into something that is functional and practical - a tool that we can use to do more.

What else don’t we know about gums? Here are some seriously amazing reasons why you should include gum in your daily routine:

1. Reduces Stress

This study wanted to find out if there is a correlation between chewing gum and reducing stress and guess what, there absolutely is! The first group of participants who chewed gum recorded reduced levels of stress while the second group who abstained from chewing gum recorded higher levels of stress-specific emotions like feeling tense.

The next time you’re in for something stressful like presenting a business pitch or meeting the “parents” for the first time, grab a pack of gum and chew the stress away!

2. Improves Mood and Increases Alertness

A study done to determine whether chewing gum has effects on mood and alertness actually proved that chewing gum is associated with improved alertness, and a more positive mood. Reaction times are also shorter even in more difficult tasks. The associated jaw movement was also linked to increased brain activity and reduced sleepiness.

If you’re training for a sport and you need to be alert or you just need a quick mood boost on hump day, chewing a gum might just do the trick for you.

3. Improves Memory

Chewing gum is also linked to better memory. As you chew, your heart rate increases which improves the delivery of oxygen in your brain. This becomes a potential enhancer to brain functions which leads to better memory and retention.

If you’re preparing for an important business presentation or you’re studying for an exam, include a pack of gum in your preparation so you can remember the information better.

4. Burns Calories and Helps in Weight Loss

Cravings, also known as your diet’s arch nemesis, is the one thing (okay, maybe 1 of 3) that stands between you and the body you’ve always wanted. How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night wanting a chocolate chip cookie, a bag of chips, or a slice of pizza?

Reaching for a sugar free gum instead of sugary treats can help you ease these cravings and “signal” your brain into feeling full and satisfied. When you add the number of calories you saved yourself from to the number of calories you burn from the actual gum chewing, you might find yourself closer to your healthier weight goal.

5. Improves Oral Health and Hygiene

Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping your breath fresh in time for that kiss, or preventing the person you’re talking to from “knowing” what you had for lunch, chewing gum has a lot of oral health and hygiene benefits. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the physical act of chewing gum increases the amount of saliva in the mouth. This increased production helps neutralize the acid derived from food and reduces plaque which ultimately reduces tooth decay.

Chewing gum (the minty kind) may not be recommended to replace regular brushing and flossing but it can certainly prove useful and handy in some situations. Make sure to keep a pack in handy, you’ll never know when a minty fresh breath can save you from an embarrassing situation

6. Fights Nausea and Motion Sickness

Chewing gums can also help you fight nausea and motion sickness. Buccal absorption is 5x faster than drinking and swallowing so you can feel the effects faster than orally taken medicines. It’s also convenient to get and relatively less expensive than over the counter or prescription medicines.

If you’re going on a road trip, a flight or a cruise, make sure to include a pack of sugar-free gum in your travel must-haves.

If you are a pregnant woman who suffers from morning sickness, chewing a sugar-free gum may also help bring a feeling of normalcy into your routine. As with everything, it’s always best to check with your trusted medical professional to make sure that this is safe for you.


Think about it, If you can get these amazingly mind blowing benefits from chewing gum, imagine how extra awesome it will be if the gum you’re chewing is packed with thoughtfully curated ingredients designed to boost your energy, drive your performance and enhance your focus? Oh, the possibilities!

So go ahead, grab that gum, and do more.


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