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Cleaner, Faster Energy

The Neuro Difference

We want to help people do more.

Our proprietary nootropic blend of all-natural caffeine + L-theanine + brain-activating B-vitamins gives you the focus, clarity, and lasting energy to take on the world. On top of that, it’s vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and sugar-free for clean, focused-energy anytime, anywhere.

Remember each day more clearly, dream more vividly, and live life more adventurously.

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Engineered to be better in every way

Science-Backed Energy

The synergy between NeuroGum's ingredients have been scientifically shown to boost attention and clarity. In addition, each batch of NeuroGum is carefully lab-tested by for safety and consistency

Patented Cold-Compression

Unlike other heat extruded gums, our patented cold- compressed gum maximizes the bioavailability of the ingredients and delivers them up to 5X faster.

High-Quality Ingredients

Not all vitamins are the same. Through our partnership with a large, independent nutraceutical manufacturer, we sustainably source the highest quality ingredients quickly and efficiently.

Sugar-free + Vegan + Gluten-free

Energy drinks are uncontrollable. NeuroGum uses only FDA GRAS-approved ingredients in a vegan gum base to give you a clean and focused boost.

"Bye bye brain fog...NeuroGum wakes my brain up!"

See why Neuro has over 800 positive reviews across the internet.  

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Not your typical gum and mints

Unlike other gums and mints in the market, Neuro's patented cold-compression uses pressure instead of heat to combine active ingredients.

This means nothing gets broken down in the production process, and our gum and mints maintain their texture for hours. 

More Effective Absorption

Through the process of buccal absorption, Neuro's ingredients are absorbed up to 5X faster than via drinking or swallowing.

Enhanced Bioavailability

Neuro's cold-compression format means none of the ingredients are broken down by heat. This allows for cleaner, more effective absorption.

Low Calorie, Low Glycemic

Unlike energy drinks, Neuro is sugar-free and contains only 2 calories per piece. It's a guilt-free way to get clean, focused energy. 

For performance, on and off the court

Banned Control Substance Group

Certified Quality

The BSCG Certified Drug Free® program represents the gold standard in third party dietary supplement testing and certification.

It provides protection against 485 drugs, more than any other program available. This includes 274 drugs on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List and an additional 211 illicit, prescription and over-the-counter drugs not banned in sport that no other dietary supplement certification program covers. Certified Drug Free® includes a 21 CFR 111 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality control process review, raw material and supplier review, and a general toxicology assessment. BSCG’s rigorous science-first program provides assurance that products and ingredients are free of drugs and other harmful agents that can lead to health concerns or positive drug tests.

"I'm a multitasker and now my gum is too."

With over 5 million pieces sold, Neuro has helped athletes, students, gamers, moms, and people of all ages to have the energy, clarity, and focus they need to push the limits and do more

Get Neuro

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