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  1. 6 Packs - 12 packs of Neurogum delivered to your home. ( Plus some bonus goodies with your first shipment)
    2. Unique 10% discount code for family/friends/followers (Can also be used for self)
    3. 10% commission of sales total of sales generated with coupon code.
    4. Connections to a network of world class humans
    5. Opportunities to hang out at the Neurogum booth at Expos/Events with our athletes and team.
    6. Potential for growth and exposure on NeuroGum social media and 5+ other instagram pages with a strong cumulative following.
    7. Opportunities for select ambassadors to be paid hourly for representing the brand promotionally at demos, storefronts, and events.


  1. Instagram Bio must include “Neurogum” & Refersion Link (Directions to follow)
    2. Post at least 2x week on IG story and 2 posts per month on feed.
    3. DISCOUNT CODE or LINK MUST BE USED 3 TIMES PER MONTH TO CONTINUE TO RECEIVE FREE PRODUCT (please note: using your code for personal purchases counts towards this number)
    5. You are not to show affiliation with any other energy drink/ gum company. Affiliations with apparel companies, protein bars/supplements are permitted. Please ask if you need further clarification.
    6. Join our community of ambassadors on our NeuroGum Team Facebook group. This is an excellent platform to engage with other ambassadors and make connections with other like minded individuals.

Ambassador FAQ:

  1. How do I get my free gum?
    Emails are sent between the 1st-5th of every month with instruction on how to receive product.
  2. How do I receive my commission?
    Commissions are paid in the form of a check either once per month, or once enough commission has been accumulated. There is a minimum of $50 that must be earned before a check can be cut.
  3. Do I get free apparel?
    Apparel is a privilege not a right as an ambassador. Apparel can be purchased or it can be earned by showing initiative and going beyond sales requirements.
  4. What if I’m interested in working an expo, a demo, or event?
    As an ambassador you are part of the Neurogum family, as such, you are invited to attend and participate in any event we host or promote at. That said, the amount of individuals we employ as a paid appearance is limited. If you are interested in working an event in exchange for compensation. please email and we will asses on a case by case basis.
  5. How do I track my sales?
    We have teamed up with a sales tracking software called Refersion, which allows ambassadors to track their clicks, sales and commissions easily via their own individual login at